Tuesday, March 31, 2009


ONE EMP is all it would take Click here BY Newt Gingrich AND..... A couple of years ago when islamic iran president wanted to come and address the United Nations in a PRIVATE aircraft, with 34 ARMED guards on board who would NOT disembark in New York and stay on board the aircraft. Why? After thinking hard about this, AntiMullah came to the conclusion that they would be there to guard something so precious or contrary to USA safety that the risk was too great and also concluded the precious cargo could be an EMP nuclear bomb that causes humans no physical harm but totally fries all electronic circuits. We shouted our warnings to all who would listen (and some who did not) and asked them to pass the potential danger up their food chain till it reached someone who could prevent it. Ahmadi-Nejad could be delivering his speech when his private aircraft took off and at 40,000 feet exploded an EMP (Iran has the technology plus enough fissionable material and has had it for quite some time) to do this. Those on board would likely be killed but so what if this crippled all financial, transport, communications, shipping,vehicular traffic, computers etc., etc. in the New York region. The bad guy would have deniability in that these were rogue operatives and he had no part in it. The least nefarious explanation was that the aircraft had communication monitoring equipment on board and wanted to examine the New York area, specially the airport area where it would be parked. Luckily caution prevailed and the islamic iranian private aircraft and guards were not given permissioon to land. If I remember correctly the Mullah president consequently cancelled his trip. Note: EMP stands for Electro-Magnetic Pulse

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