Sunday, March 15, 2009


NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN THE FOURTH OR FIFTH AND CURRENTLY INCOMPLETE ATTEMPT TO POST THIS ARTICLE AND GOOGLE HAS EATEN THEM UP TOTALLY OR PARTIALLY INTO A BLACK HOLE - ONE VERSION AFTER THE NEXT!!!! UNBELIEVABLE, HOW SAD A COMMENTARY ABOUT GOOGLE'S FORUM FOR FREE SPEECH. Note: I strangely found a tab with the complete article but it also disappeared as soon as I tried to do anything with it!! Insider graphical poke at the Mullahs' last days in power showing all the senior mullah regime members getting naked around a beautiful woman. Also none of them wear a black turban signifying direct family descent from the Prophet, indicating their interloper outside invader status of Arab Ta'azi. And false 'ayatollah' status they adopted as seen with Rafsanjani (sitting at the right end of the table). The traditional Iranian New Year, (pre-islamic) Now Rooz will be on March 20th at 4:43 a.m. Pacific Summer Time. Meanwhile some of those shown are heading splinter groups that take an increasingly violent stand against each other for the early summer islamic iran elections for President (in reality "selections" by those in top power positions). When former so-called "reformist" President Khatami indicated he would run for this office, immediate dire warnings were thrown at him by former powerful, merciless, "dark days" Prime Minister (Khomeini era) that Khatami should expect what happened to Benazeer Bhutto (assassination) to take him out of the running. Unless he withdrew first. Not that Khatami, ineffective during his term in office to ease stress factors of the population, would have any means to change the status quo or the change to worse of a Moussavi tenure.
تابلوی شام آخر جمهوری اسلامی  LAST sUPPER 2<

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Tonto said...

I love it! This is a real hoot! Thanks for the laughs!!!!