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Oba-Hussein-Khomeini, the Communist scourge of our USA, apparently is driving Secretary of Defense Gates crazy by insisting that the oath of allegiance to which the military swears MUST be changed to where their oath no longer commits them to the Constitution (and thus to all of us) and instead to the Presidency of the USA, who then, as Commander-in -Chief can order them to attack us, yes - attack we the people, and they could not refuse.

Note: Marxist (to be polite) Obamaniac has already spent $6,000,000 on anti-RIOT equipment for the Military! So he can deal with riots. What riots? Those, rightly or wrongly, he expects from us in response to his idiotic financial, social and administrative actions.

To still be kind, he could use the Mexican border challenges as an excuse but with him, the Narcissist, it is always all about him, not about us.

Below are some pictures of what the military apparently thinks about him as their commander. Compared to President Bush.

And Oba-Khomeini has stated he will add a Logo to highlight all the porkulus projects he has included so all will know his majesty. We have started to use an appropriate Logo as seen below abandon hope Hussein the Schmuck of Schmucks has his royal panties in a bunch over Rush Limbaugh. Three thousand Dow points into the furnace since his ACORN thugs stole his throne from us. Three trillion TAXPAYER DOLLARS into the furnace to feather his thugs' nests. Stripping defense and freedoms as fast as he can-- --but he can still take time out from his Saul Alinsky Communist revolution to whine that Rush Limbaugh is picking on him-- --and send out his fop-in-chief The Adam's Apple to whine-

and spin his moronic comment that we should get friendly and reconcile with the "moderate Taliban" (an oxymoronic, ignorant comment) reflective of his total lack of world knowledge. Like saying not to worry about a "gentle Tsunami" for a wall of water 40 feet high, because there are Tsunamis worse than that!

And did you know: Saul Alinsky dedicated his hot book to "Lucifer, the first radical, who won his own kingdom"-- --and you wonder at the satanic president. . . . --the most virulent killer of babies, standing 1 to 99 in the Illinois House to kill those who survived botched abortions-- No wonder he can change his policy on a dime--his head spins three-sixty-- Behold Hussein from Kenya who has come with his machete and burning tire to change the American landscape like some Maoist Red Guard Cultural Revolution-- NOT AN AMERICAN. NOT A CHRISTIAN. AN ISLAMO-COMMIE FROM KENYA. Did you think his "God Damn America!" attendance for twenty years was just a fluke. . . . SOME COMMENTARY:

There is no way Oba-maniac does anything he does for our prosperity. To show his anger at Secretary Geithner for putting on a poor show in front of the Press, he has purposely refused to give him the staff needed for him to come to grips with the incredible and enormous financial crisis.

The Narcissist does not care about anyone but himself and punishes anyone, including you, me and the nation for embarrassing him. Instead of a team of 50 senior assistants, in a hissy-fit, he has left Geithner flapping in the wind on his lonesome self. Instead of shunning unpopularity, he enjoys being unpopular as he destroys us. Worst case scenario, if he gets tired of playing his sadistic game, he will hop a plane, with or without Michelle and children, to Kenya and join his cousin Odinga. Remember he was abandoned, himself. No wonder Rush Limbaugh does not want this creature to succeed in bankrupting our country and possibly the world.

Oba-Hussein-Khomeini reminds me of ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, spiritual leader of the Hojatieh sect of Shia Islam, which believes that for the 12th Imam, the bringer of End Times and Redeemer, there must be so much misery, death and oppression created in our world to get his attention.

President Hussein O-Khomeini seems to have become a Hojatieh convert, intent on revelling in the pain he inflicts in revenge, perhaps, for the social abuse he reportedly suffered.

Wanting a faster result, he has thrown any semblance of ethics and transparency down the drain and has even embraced fraternizing with the enemy: Syria, Iran, Taliban, Hamas etc. and has appointed China Communist lover, Israel basher, Saudi Arabia lobbyist, Freeman to lead his intelligence team and formulate intelligence policies. Good grief! Obambi's touted bipartisanship consisted of announcing "I won" and freezing Republicans out of any decision or even suggestion procedures in the House or Senate through procedural rules put in place by Mafia lady Pelosi and Harry the rustler Reid (actually his uncle or great uncle was hanged for rustling), .

It's so hard to write seriously about such unbelievably corrupt, twisted characters and their even worse sidekicks they have gathered around themselves. All hell bent on agonizing and wiping out good people to the extent of millions and millions of us. Many will die in misery at their hands. Many at their own hands when they can no longer afford to live.

It happened before in 1929 when people jumped ocf buildings after the stock market crash. It happened in 9/11 as people jumped from the Twin Towers and many of us will prefer death to penniless penury. All the stock gains of the last 11 years gone in less than six weeks and the worst appears to be still in the pipeline. And spending more money in six weeks than all the money spent from the day our Republic was founded til today.

The  Erkel

More money spent than if you spent $1-million-every-day from the birth of Jesus till today! That's how much YOU, your children and grandchildren have gone into debt. Without any possibility of earning enough to do so in a thousand years. Not even the some $12 trillion sitting hidden in off shore accounts and the owners/investors waiting and not investing can save us with the enormity of escalating, mind-boggling deficits Oba-maniac has created on his watch, not inherited as he tries to claim.

Why would anyone with money out of reach of O-false-messiah'sdebilitating new taxes bring them home? For those amounts to also be sucked into the Obamination Black Hole? Even increasingly many in his own party and some Senators have realized the plague they have visited on us and voted against his latest budget, which, unlike the porkulus/stimulus bill, they had time to read and examine and noticed the 9,000 pork belly earmarks in it. And the enormity of the amounts in it. His policies punish achievement and reward his mostly nefarious supporters with millions and billions of dollars in perks and paybacks. Notice how he avoids mention of the 1980 recesssion from which we emerged with tax cuts NOT with spending.

And while he tells us to tighten our belts and cut down our expenses, he lives high off the hog like the Communist leaders whom he emulates. They have, or as with the Soviets, had, their nice residences, country and seaside resort homes, chefs (like the Obama House) to cook them expensive meals while the populace had bread rationed. Partying in White House click here

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