Friday, March 06, 2009


Comment from the original poster: Here is the message posted on the "": wow! an unexpected visit! i was just "visited" by 3 secret service agents in my home! actually, they were very cordial, although one of them watched me like a hawk and took copious notes of my answers to their questions. they, as well as other government agencies, monitor the internet, phone conversations, textmessages, etc. looking for certain key words that they red flag. apparantly, some of those key words have come up in some of my postings, so they say. whether taken out of context or not, whether posted as a joke or not, and whether posted as a threat or not, be very very careful what you post and how you word it. they even searched my house! bottom line is, i've effectively been "gagged" as far as being able to express myself using my Constitutional Rights, so the liberal left has won again. but, of course, some of the tactics they use might not stand up in the "court of public opinion". i have much more to say about this, but i dare not go into it on the internet, as i know that they are monitoring me very closely now. god, what is happening to our country? Alan note: We feel the Secret Service does an outstanding job but also note that tradition and the attitude of the occupant of the White House - currently the Obama House - sets their agenda. Left wing sites during the George W. Bush Presidency repeatedly advocated killing him without triggering this kind of reaction by the SS, though they certainly checked out many people as part of their duties. Somehow, there seems to be a big difference to their attitudes, ordered by their White House bosses when it is a Democrat President using government provided free housing. Bill Clinton had one woman arrested for "insulting" him! She shouted "you suck and those boys died". On the other hand, the SS (ours not the Nazi one) must pay attention to the rising antipathy toward Obambi and the potential danger that could go with it. And on the other hand the SS should not be so heavy handed in their inquiry unless there is any other indicator that their target might be a risk. And this brings to mind another reason why I call Obambi the Oba-Khomeini or the American-Khomeini (assuming he is even a real American). The late Shah of Iran was (invalidly) accused of imprisoning political opponents in huge quantities. this was put to the lie shortly before the Soviet/Jimmy Carter playbook revolution that brought Khomeini of islamic iran to power, when Amnesty International insisted and was allowed to enter and evaluate the Shah's prisons. They found 2,400 political prisoners with the majority members of the banned Soviet controlled, Communist Tudeh party and some armed terrorists/assassins sent to Iran by Gen. Teymour Bakhtiar from his exile in Iraq. Within a week of the islamic iran Khomeini take over, where all prisons were emptied of their former prisoners, some 90,000 POLITICAL prisoners refilled them to the seams and more and more poured in as space was made by mindless executions. Often of those arrested by mistake. The main point is, as in the reaction of our Oba-Khomeini, that under the Shah, the security organizations knew who the bad hats were, imprisoned the leaders and left the others alone as headless snakes. With his background he has no clue and neither can the Secret Service take chances. islamic iran Khomeini's thugs had no idea who was bad, how bad and used their total permission to arrest and kill at will to not just arrest a suspect but all his close and distant family members, their families by marriage, their friends and the friends of those friends. Thus one suspect could trigger the arrest of more than a hundred people, many of whom were “accidentally” executed as no clear records or identity about them was required and it was easier to kill them than to identify them. Other than in the final lack of execution of anyone who opposes Obambi by our SS, the heavy handed mind set is eerily similar. And resembling the Gestapo more than Nazi SS. With Oba-Khomeini spending some $6 MILLION on anti-riot gear for our MILITARY (shin guards etc. ???) we can expect him to throw the military at us when dissatisfaction hits the streets. He could not care less about the Constitution and is changing the military oath to swear allegiance to the President not to the Constitution. His One Million Man Civil Security Force (the equivalent of islamic iran’s Bassiji Suppression Forces or paramilitary Revolutionary Guards) will not be ready in time, so he wants to ensure he can order the military to turn on us and not refuse his orders - as they no longer serve the Constitution but the Presidency.

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