Monday, March 02, 2009


Beat Up Mullah Nassrallah CLICK HERE for video game

Mullah Nasrallah is the head of HAMAS a terrorist organization to all but themselves. The son of their founder, has become a Christian and sought asylum in the USA (San Diego area). He accuses them of murdering HAMAS prisoners in HAMAS prisons. He should know! He was one of the prisoners.

If like me you do not read Hebrew fonts, here is how the game goes: 1. In the center of the bottom frame, an Israeli word bounces back and forth. CLICK ON IT. 2. This brings up a choice of three ways to strike the Mullah. a) Boxing Gloves, b) A Foot and c) Dumbell weight. 3. at the same time you have three arrows which direct the strike from left, center or right. Enjoy yourselves and take out the frustration of Israel not finishing the job. Again and again. And the frustration of our efforts to prevent Jihadi terrorists from DESTRUCTIVELY imposing islamic supremacy onto the whole world. With threats of blood and murder NOT philosophical persuasion and logical comparison. THERE ARE TWO MORE VIDEOS BELOW THIS ONE BUT AGAIN I HAVE NOT FIGURED OUT WHAT IT SAYS. Anyone with Hebrew language skills please view them and post or Email me ( instructions for using them

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