Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just as nearly 30 States are already passing Bills in State legislatures to limit the extent of of power the Federal Government can use within States, which it has usurped from them, so are Common Law Grand Juries, intended in the Bill of Rights to prevent corrupt or tyrranical governments or their agents from oppressing our citizenry, starting to present indictments against Obama, whose eligibility is still in question and whose actions can also make him unfit for office.
While each of these actions may take time and have to take on the assumed and usurped power of the Federal Government, in concert they begin to acquire standing, power to resist and like the tea parties around the nation starting today, conbine into a powerful force that not even the often felonious ACORN with Billions of Dollars Obama has placed in their reach will be able to confront or match.
We the people are starting to make our voices heard and the sound will rise into a crescendo which will elect new representatives and replace the corrupt ones and indict and imprison those who have broken our Constitutional laws and edicts.

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