Sunday, April 12, 2009


Please note that our (no ID) Pres_ent was repeatedly asked for permission to deal with the situation with force since the event started Wednesday. After finally having "given a response" on Friday (as stated by the Obama House spokesman), he upgraded the extent of the permission on Saturday, indicating that use of force was not forthcoming as late as Friday night.

Also the Obama House tried to show continuous Oba-Hussein involvement and making their minimal action into a HUGE matter by repeating and repeating that he gave some form of consent twice.

But they messed up when they detailed his uprading it, thus being unwilling to grant the Navy permission to act right away. Instead of relying on his (non-existent) heroic military brilliance!

They also downplayed (omitted) that when the Press asked him about it on Wednesday he dodged the question and responded they were there to discuss "HOUSING" not pirates. Also does anyone notice how this six person confrontation (five pirates and one American skipper) is being portrayed as if it were a major international military confrontation that required highly skilled and mature military tactics and strategic decision making by Obama?

Some Ensign (second-lieutenant equivalent), ably and capably, directing the snipers probably made the final decision to shoot! While the Obama House lay awake agonizing whether to shoot fewer than a handful of internationally unpopular pirates?

We have had local neighborhood gang confrontations or hostage situations worse than this, which SWAT groups handled in their stride as a matter of routine course. Without the incredible military leadership of ObaMessiah.


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Tonto said...

Teh One didn't do didly except to tell the Navy to "Do what ya gotta do". Our Dear Leader was probably trying to make sure his kids found all the eggs so they wouldn't start to stink later.