Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Does our persistent (his own claim), dauntless President Oba-Hussein believe that persistence should apply to his ignorance, verging on idiotic foreign policy and gift giving? Or is his narcissistic nature going to blame his staff and throw them under the bus? Even Jimmuh, the idiot, Carter, father of our terrorist problems and continuing stain, was not this bad. Obama seems bent on rehabilitating Carter, removing him through comparison as our worst President and claiming that dubious top dog position for himself. Not usurping just the Presidency but usurping the worst kind. Apart from the DVDs bought at the White House gift shop for Prime Minister Brown as the formal Obama House present to the Prime Minister during his visit to the USA, (which do not play in Europe) the latest gifts to Her Majesty the Queen of England from the Obamas include mind boggling bad taste. And sheer ignorance of security. First, note his recent inability to send a a correctly addressed letter to French President Sargozy which Obama signed - addressing it to President Jacques Chirac, for quite a time the FORMER President of France, either indicates lack of knowledge, carelessness or a wacky staff. What a way to run the Obama House on behalf of America. One of the gifts to the Queen of England was a CD which still had a discount sticker on it. Sick humor or insult that shames America or another stupidity. With her usual royal aplomb she commented "how delightful". Also another gift was an iPhone! Better you think? Something she can use? Then you are as silly as our want-to-be President. What national security service (even of a Banana Republic) will allow a Head of State to accept and use an electronic send/receive device, presented by a technologically sophisticated country that would be interested in intercepting communications, might (at some point)want to remotely explode the device and remove the user's head or coat the ear piece with a slow poison or radio active material. That iPhone will very likely be crushed, destroyed and incinerated - not allowed to be used by anyone close to Her Majesty or anyone else at all. Are the security and intelligence advisers in Obama's administration that dumb or did they think they could sneak it by the very savvy British MI5? Obama has become living proof that the job/position does not elevate the man but the high minded man elevates the job to significance. He has diminished the American Presidency with his actions. In addition to bankrupting us all the way down to our grandchildren, creating Hitlerish Brown Shirt "volunteer" youth forces he will train in his government run camps and has over FIVE BILLION dollars budgeted in a form that ACORN can access and use to support and protect him, fraudulently influence votes and support their favorite candidates with TAX PAYER funds, he is making nice with terrorists and refusing to call them what they are. And in case the American people resist the stream of bills he has the Senate's Harry Reid and Congress' Nancy Pelosi ram through their Democrat controlled legislatures, he is pushing for the armed forces to swear their oath of allegiance to the Presidency instead of the Constitution, so he can throw them at us. And in case the military refuses, he has started to form his Civilian Defence Force (just like every dictator before him) which he wants to be better funded, better quipped and better trained than our official military. A military he is in the process of weakening by budget cuts and opposing new modern weapons systems for any of the branches. Wake up America! Opposition Tea parties are starting as people in the street realize their peril. Guns have been selling faster than some manufacturers can provide them and ammunition is becoming hard to find as it sells out to fast. A few days ago at a California gun show, all ammunition was sold out before the end of the day. Interesting to note is that one national chain is doing well again. Tandy leather, which sells leather crafting tools, leather and related items, which closed down a couple of years ago and is just starting to open stores up again - has started showing profits. Faced with the inevitable results of Obama-Hussein-Khomeini's detrimental actions, people are buying Tandy Leather items and crafts to be able to make their own leather goods for themselves or as barter items as oney loses value. Specially in the face of TRIPLING our national Debt in 65 days!

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