Friday, April 17, 2009


What is it about consorting and making nice with our sworn enemies, shutting out Jesus, playing footsie with the terrorist islamic regime of Iran, bowing with bended knee to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the cornerstone of fanatical Islam, and now doing happy handshake with our sworn and disdaining enemy Communist Hugo Chavez (after consorting with the Communist Castros in Cuba - by proxy) that so ATTRACTS narcissistic Oba-Hussein?

Does he fear that his fast waning popularity INSIDE the USA needs bolstering by being liked by Communists and Islamic Jihadists.

In return for which he is dismantling America to please them and attracting their adulation rather than ours.

The Tea Parties are the seedlings of the CHANGING opinion about Oba-Hussein and his CHANGE!

Oba-Hussein & Chavez

Listen to Him!


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