Saturday, April 25, 2009


The first case was seen in Mexico on April 13. The outbreak coincided with the President Barack Obama’s trip to Mexico City on April 16. Obama was received at Mexico’s anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist who died the following day from symptoms similar to flu, Reforma newspaper reported. The newspaper didn’t confirm if Solis had swine flu or not. CURSE OF THE AZTECS? click here Click on the links below: OBAMA GREETED IN MEXICO BY MAN WHO DIED DAYS LATER OF FLU SYMPTOMS... Possible Outbreak At NYC Prep School...8 Students Test 'Probable'... Mexico City residents staying at home... Calderon Declares Emergency; Power to Quarantine... WHO declares international concern...CLOSE TO 1,000 SUSPECTED CASES... HEALTH EXPERTS CONSIDER RESPONSES TO OUTBREAK...2 cases found in Kansas... New swine flu likely widespread... Many believe this could be a dry run to test the virulence and spread pattern of this combination 'flu that may have been artificially put together by the numerous, entrenched foreign terrorists in Mexico and South America (NOT our Veterans as Homeland Security tries to define them, while refusing the terrorist term for islamic jihadists, to avoid offending them). These foreign, generally islamist, terrorists are gearing up to attack us in revenge when Israel attacks islamic iran. Meanwhile read the article below and tell me how the activites of the Mafia, as described, differs from the actions of the Obama administration, except the Mafia is using its own money, while the Administration and Congress is using OUR tax money to do virtually the same thing. NAPLES, Italy (AP) - While businesses around the world are hunkering down for survival, the Italian mob is living a golden moment. Italy's various organized crime syndicates—often lumped together colloquially as Mafia Inc.—are gobbling up gas stations, muscling in on supermarket franchises, making loans to cash-starved businesses, taking over trattorias and acquiring buildings in swank neighborhoods in Rome and Milan, investigators say. These mobsters have lots of what is in short supply for many businesses these days—liquidity—as well as centuries-honed expertise in preying on the vulnerable, whose ranks are swelling in the current financial crisis. It all means the mob is free to sink cash into two areas that lie at the heart of the global meltdown: real estate and credit markets. The crime syndicates are flush with billions of euros from extortion rackets, drug trafficking and booming sales in fake designer clothing made in China expressly for the Italian mob—an increasingly lucrative trade as hard-hit consumers search for bargains, prosecutors and police said in recent interviews. For the mob bosses, the global economic meltdown "is only an advantage," said anti-mafia prosecutor Franco Roberti, in his office in Naples, the chaotic port city that is home to the Camorra, one of the Italy's major crime syndicates.

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