Friday, April 24, 2009


Once again we see the true mindsets of our Islamic "allies". Back in March Dubai had tightened up its rules to conform with their Islamic culture. Now a video, allegedly, of Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan of the UAE Royal Family and the police (mildly) torturing a man has been smuggled out of the UAE. Torture is a bit strong for what appears to be the beating/disciplining of someone who offended or failed in their duties. Remember this is a different part of the world. We have worse bar fights in our Western countries and sometimes even bullets shot at one or other of the participants' feet, though these days with the shortage of ammunition after Oba-Hussein was elected (everyone around the country is stocking up so none is left on the shelves) nobody would waste bullets like this. Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat cohorts scream about our "torture" in Abu Ghraib, where "discomfort" was used, not what torture really is. After looking at the graphics below ask yourself if the 9/11 mastermind would have preferred, given the choice, of being water-boarded for 40 seconds at a time or being beaten like the victims of the mullahs shown here. Not all of whom survived their brutal handling. In islamic iran on aggregate, thousands have been taken out into isolated places and murdered. Often sadistically. Somewhat along the lines of the innocuous video showing bullets spurting into nearby sand, a favorite execution method of these Mullah groups consists of shooting the victims in the feet. then as they writhe on the ground, to put more shots into their ankles, then shins - never in a hurry to place the next shot - gradually working their way up the body, always careful not to hit a vital spot. Till eventually their captive dies of loss of blood or from shock. Or they tire and grow bored of the game they have so often repeated and finish off the suffering man - OR WOMAN. If the latter, they gang raped till they tired of her body before taking her out to inflict their final act of sadism. In the formal prisons, where executions mostly require the return of the body to families, signs of prolonged torture that did not heal have recently added insult to injury and bodies have been returned encased in a block concrete. Any lacerations or wounds on the body can be denied later as having been caused by the family cutting off the concrete or cement block. "Honorary ayatollah" Biden and his boss Obama want to hold unconditional talks with the leaders of this regime. Murderous, Pol Pot who created piles of skulls of some two million people he killed was an angel by comparison to these lunatics. Ask yourself again at the end here - would you prefer to be water-boarded for periods of some 40 seconds at a time, with a doctor present - be humbled by being paraded around naked or wearing female under garments on your head, bitch slapped or thrown at a wall in Abu Ghraib or end up like these victims of the islamic regime Mullahs in iran. Also remember that what our enemies do with their prisoners or even with their own citizens is brutal and has no source nor root in what WE do or do not do to our prisoners. They follow their sharia (islamic) laws and stone to death, saw off heads or burn people alive - after inflicting a 100 severe lashes before killing them. This is what real torture looks like: mass grave Mild torture, harsh whipping. Lashings marks Severe, brutal torture by the Mullahs: After 2 This was a human - a young dissident who dared stand up to the Mullahs. After 1 And some Chinese input showing children are not spared by them nor by Mullah islamists. If it's a virgin girl mullahs stick something in her to deflower her as they are forbidden to kill a virgin! Easy work around.


So water boarding in real life on the world scene is not that big a deal except to Pelosi Democrats who want to kick up a distraction fuss toward Bush to take focus off Obambi's terrible handling of our economy and of our country in general where everything he does leads to more destruction of our society and safety.

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