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By Alan Peters Would you have believed any of this, as related in the Video below, if someone like me had brought it up a few years before World War II or World War I? You might have admitted to a twinge of credibility because of your own anti-semitic sentiments or from underlying currents in newspaper reports. You might have reasoned that economics and politics in play at the time, both internal and international, pointed to dissatisfaction, unrest and a search for a scapegoat. But had I posited a scenario as described below, or the eradication of millions of fellow human beings - not all Jews, nor all killed in battle - as an extrapolation of present situations into the near future, you would have mocked me. Yet, they happened AND are happening again in a replay with some different actors and some playing old roles. Instead of laughing at me take note and take steps to help prevent it happening. Silencing me or others like me will not prevent the debacle we face. Yet those behind upcoming events immediately try to stifle dissent. Just as did all oppressors or leaders of an ideology. An ideology or philosophy which can be an "ism" like Socialism, Marxism, Communism or Fascism (in a somewhat ascending order of intensity) or a religion, for instance Islam (traditionally known as Mohammadenism), which combines aspects of all of these in various blends, based often on geography and tribal/ethnic crucibles. While Christianity preaches love and kindness, the varieties of those followers of Christ, range from submissives to cults that still sound more like the Old Testament demand of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Unlike the strong tendency of Islamic varieties, which too, have fluctuations of intensity of protocols, Christian varieties have been influenced and restricted by cultural niceties and civil laws of the gentler Western mindsets, based on modern outlooks, while Islam insists on following attributes of societies from nearly 1,500 years ago and maintaining those as still valid and imperative. Here arises the clash of civilization and to be honest a prolongation of what we term barbarity from centuries ago. Sadly, for the barbarity to still exist, we have to continue to have barbaric base instincts, emotions and raw desires in human nature, that neither our cultures nor our societies have weaned out of us. We cannot purify ourselves of base instincts when we still need to train soldiers to fight wars, compete for wealth and follow age old traditions of survival of the fittest. Even sports encourage this. For the less strong at heart, enters Socialism and the nanny-State, which takes care of you from cradle to grave on an "equal" basis - and if benign - strips you of your earnings rather than your freedoms. And comes to pass with long standing forms in countries like Sweden. As that nation's population wants more goodies, comforts and "lazy" privileges, so must the State take away more and more of discretionary spending to provide these and "fairness" for all. Then appears the next phase - unequal return for invested effort, well illustrated by the irritation or even revolt by USA mortgage holders, who made reasonable purchases of homes they could afford and are now faced with Obamian laws that force them to contribute to the careless home buyers, who with the full complicity of the powers-that-be within FreddyMac and FannieMay, received loans they could never afford. The Socialistic, almost Communistic, mind sets of the Clinton years and Democrat party reach for popularity with the masses by providing goodies and improbable services that were far beyond the financial abilities of the Administration to maintain, created the Technology Bubble, which landed in the Bush Administration lap then the Mortgage Bubble we face today. Multiple videos of Democrats denying and blocking efforts to regulate the underpinnings of the Mortgage crisis still has them incredibly denying they had anything to do with the current crash and blaming Bush, who had his last two years with a Democrat majority in both the House and Senate preventing any changes. "Denial of Relief" by Democrats and lack of desire or ability to prevent the crash we face by the Republicans, has opened the door to what brought Hitler to power and is now bolstering Obama's power grab - not of just the stripping of our earnings by punitive taxes and outlandish spending, but by stripping away our freedoms - in full contravention of America's Constitution. Regardless of the various political eddies and fluxes, which swirl around and influence our thinking, aggravated by a mostly biased and often openly lying Mass Media, the womb for a total take over of America by a virulent, Communist/Fascist government/administration has formed and has an in vitro occupant. Obama. Already planning on how to deal harshly with any dissent and opposition he has started putting into place GPS data base for tracking (in the name of the future Census) every front door or back door (yes, yours!) of anyone who might become a political opponent. He can bring strangers from any State or any foreign country to your neighborhood who can arrive on your doorstep without effort using the GPS co-ordinates. These can be ACORN operatives loyal to him, funded with BILLIONS in his Stimulus and national Budgets, or his "Black Shirt" youth movement members, after they have spent months being brainwashed in his proposed "Volunteer Camps". (Budgets for 250,000 "volunteers" have already passed Congress and ACORN operatives are already out there recruiting and signing them up). They can be members of the NEW National Police he is forming, who will obey the President and his chosen "national police" commanders rather than the Constitution. They can be the MILLION person "Civilian Security Force" he has in the works, all loyal to him and not to the Constitution and he is pressuring the Secretary of Defence to change the Military oath of allegiance from being made to the Constitution and be made to the Presidency. Thus the limitations the Constitution imposes on orders from the Commander in Chief would no longer be valid and he could order the military to slaughter citizens - or illegal aliens - or any ethnicity - and demand obedience. In the meantime Obama and his team are destroying the military by cutting down budgets and later transferring them so that the Civilian Security Force becomes "as well funded and well armed" as the regular USA military forces!! And in the meantime, has given orders for commanders of the Military Forces do an INVENTORY of ALL personal and private weapons members of the military own. Thus knowing exactly what TRAINED people who would or might oppose the full extent of his power grab may have on hand. (With GPS co-ordinates of where they live, these can be removed by the over a million civil security or national policemen he throws at the task). Remember - Obama's new Director of Homeland Security has labelled military Vets as potential "terrorists" while removing that word from applying to islamic jihadists or HAMAS a formally designated terrorists organization". Despite the Constitutional right to bear arms and possess private guns and ammunition, the new HR45 Gun Licensing Bill HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009 places impossible restrictions on owning a gun or ammunition. READ MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE To this playing field, add the other essential components: 1. Jihadist Islam's global efforts to impose draconian, Sharia (Islamic) law on every nation in the world, imposing social and legal obedience to conform with culture, education and mental capacities of 1,400 years ago and immortalized in the Koran Sureh and Hadith and whatever base instincts and emotions Prophet Mohammad may have had, which becomes the "perfect" way to behave in Islam as it was done by a "perfect" man chosen by Allah.

2. Obama, (apart from openly bowing to his leader and mentor and funding provider, the Saudi Arabian King) has introduced laws to support and fund HAMAS, despite its formal USA designation as a terror organization, to relocate several thousand of them to bolster the manpower of Islamists in the USA and currently supports Islamic penetration into American institutions including into school books alongside praises of himself as the Messiah.

His orders to release virulent terrorists from Gitmo into the USA and pay to mingle them into our society puts some very tough Islamic agents on our streets and ready to kill an destroy us.

3. In keeping with his Moslem upbringing, teachings learned at the Madrasseh he attended in Indonesia and his overall hate America mindsets impregnated into him by his childhood mentors and later Communist associates, Obama has a narcissistic psychological profile which means everything is really just about him and not the nation nor those around him.

4. His team with FULL control of the Congress (majority) Senate (60 filibuster proof votes) had Rahm Emmanuel arrogantly stating that America and the White House would be controlled by the Obamaists till 2049, another thirty years, indicating an almost certain change to the Constitution to try to keep Obama in the Messiah House beyond the maximum eight years.

5. When the apathy and hope that "Obama change" will be what tney want rather than what those with worldwide experience and a feel for history fear, almost certainly evaporates as the economy does not recover as promised by the Messiah, opposition to him and his teams will turn into a power struggle leading to bloodshed. Perhaps the gentle "Tea Parties" of resistance will turn into violence. In the process , those who oppose him will become the "Jews" kin the video below and we will go through the kind of pogroms, arrests and if Obama's power level is that of Hitler's we may find some of us being eradicated as enemies of the State. FINALLY - The main ingredient to Obama's power grab success has already been taken, to destroy our nation economically and to make our people dependent on the government for food, shelter and freedom from prison. As islamic iran's Khomeini discovered when he took over a decent nation and turned it into the hell hole it is today, if each and all family members had to stand in line at different locations to receive their ration of food items (yes, food and other items were rationed) NOBODY had time nor energy to get politically involved or wage any kind of opposition campaign. In a very short time, almost all Americans will be - in some form or other - in this kind of situation - until they explode. And the level of anti-opposition structure in place at the street level, may well be the guiding factor of any level of bloodshed and revolt. And if you mistakenly think Obama may worry (for himself and his family if not for us) about the state of a bankrupt USA economy, remember that if push comes to shove and his millionaire status goes out of the window, he can go back to being a Kenyan and live with his cousin Odinga, virtually co-ruler of Kenya and continue a princely life style! Chuckling at the pain and havoc he wreaked on a country, like Reverend Wright, he has never liked. The Untold Holocaust of Jews in Serbia during WWII Uploaded by SPYNEWS

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