Friday, May 29, 2009


smash Even some from the President Carter INNER group (what's left of them other than Castro and Chavez type dictators and their ilk) admit that Terrorism is Jimmuh the idiot Carter's monster child and the root of most of our international challenges, which stem from his lunatic, pro-Soviet administration. There was even a debate at the time of whether he were not a Soviet mole, ending up as the best Soviet (worst American) President America ever elected. And has caused millions of deaths and misery and torture through his decisions. During Clinton's eight years, the disappearance of US Secrets from our top secret Labs into Chinese hands, including ballistic missile guidance technology, created comments that with the Soviet Union no longer there, he chose to provide nuclear and similar technology to Communist China to balance (down) the power of the USA for a Socialist/Marxist new world order he and Hillary both espoused from early college days. He prevented actions, like accepting the hand over of Ossama bin Laden on a silver platter, which would have most probably prevented the 9/11 attack. The (co-president) Clintons even blocked exchange of information among different Intelligence and Security Agencies, among themselves or with the FBI increasing the 9/11 success probability. Hillary subscribes to much of Obama's philosophy and brings it into play at the State Department. However, Oba-Hussein-Khomeini, the Narcissist, believes it is all about him and should be so and American or the World concerns are secondary to his needs and desires. He has now added - or is about to, the FOURTEENth Czar, who answer only to Oba-Hussein in the Obama House (same location as the White House) and together give him power over almost every major aspect of our daily lives. The most recent, the Cyber technology czar, will protect Obama House computers and digital technoclogy and control the Internet. New laws the obedient Congress and Senate are passing provide him the power to cut off, ration, monitor, censor and in all ways do with our communications whatever he wishes. And throw us in prison if we protest. Street protest by "we the people" against laws passed by the Legislatures are now becoming a CRIME punishable by incarceration in Federal penitentiaries! The next Census, which controls allocation of assets, funds and government benefits has also been MOVED to the Obama House - away from the Department of the Interior. And ACORN, with potentially Billions in "grants and budget" allocations from YOUR money, has received a virtual monopoly to conduct the survey. While the apparently quasi-criminal organization of some 280 interwoven entities, some of which have been indicted and others found guilty of felonies, ACORN is about the only organization CLEARED by Obambi (like the Mullahs in islamic iran clearing who can be Presidential candidates in the upcoming elections) to provide Census takers. A host of other groups, organizations of a law abiding nature have been deemed inelligible to participate and offer volunteers or paid staff for a myriad reasons like the Homeland Security Director's list of Domestic Terrorists putting our Vets or religious groups on the "watch list". (But not islamic terrrorists, wo have been beocme invivsible and non-existent). In this way, much to even Democrat House and Senate amazement, Oba-Hussein has dropped charges against the New Black Panther members (one armed) who frightened/intimidated voters at some polling booths last time.
Another indicator as to what Oba-Hussein is doing to most of us, while favoring his buddies. Both here or in islamic countries which funded his election. And now openly throwing the USA Jewish community which largely voted for him casually under the bus, now his narcissistic nature no longer needs them.

So! Wake Up America and NOTICE what is being done to you! And realize:....

Oba-Hussein is worse for us and the whole world than Carter, Clinton and Ossama bin Laden COMBINED! His policies, actions, pro-Islamic, pro-Marxist moves; his greedy, self-satisfying power grab, already in progress , will destroy not only the USA but launch World War III (though some call the Cold War - including Korea, Vietnam and the Soviet Afghanistan invasion as World War III) and the Obamanation about to happen when Korea attacks everyone militarily in conventional warfare - and Israel, without a choice, takes out Iran - as the next World War IV. Thanks - EXCLUSIVELY - to the Oba-Hussein-Khomeini administration purposely ignoring intelligence being provided urgently by Israel and even our own CIA. Since it does not suit Obambi anti-Israel plans and mindsets. Obamabambi, despite the "cute" sounding appellation has already started to set in motion the greatest plague and future greater loss of life, freedom and well being, the globe has witnessed since Adolph Hitler and World One and Two. Perhaps combined. Yes, that big when the unintended consequences and side effects play out. And YOU, well meaning American voter and Western government, seem to be blissfully ignorant of what giving virtual dictatorial control of the USA, backed by a slew of new legislation from a fillibuster proof Congress and Senate to Oba-Hussein will mean to YOU and the West. His "World Order" can easily be defined as a Marxist-Islamic "Communist Caliphate" where a combination of fanatical Islamists in partnership with Communist driven philosophies of everyone being equal (under Allah and/or ObaMessiah) - NOT at a reasonable, average life standard level but at the very LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR of subsistence possible. Achieved through the kind of government hand-out common to former and present Communist or Marxist nations. Where everyone lived on the grace and favor and hand outs of goods, services and tiny bits of money from the ruling Communist elite. Why is this obvious fact so hard to see for Americans? Too bad, for you are the ones who will suffer the most with the gut-wrenching change from the freedoms and comforts you have enjoyed for so long to those imposed on you by the one who promised "change" and IS DELIVERING it but not in the fashion YOU expected. Nor could imagine hitting you where you live. Hard to sympathise with you for your coming pain, huge distress and perhaps deaths, when you, yourself, are the source of it. Perhaps your naive, inexperience of never living under a dictatorship since King George in the 18th Century, makes you as gullible a victim as you are - or about to become. As we hurtle down the slippery, artificially lubricated Obamanation slope to disaster, screaming at the peril many of us will not survive, please remember, for an instant of regret, my screamed warnings of today and many yesterdays on YOUR deaf ears.

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