Sunday, May 31, 2009


Her own family name is Rahnavard (رهنورد ) and she's the wife of Presidential candidate, former Prime Minister for Khomeini: - Moussavi (موسوی ). Moussavi has rivers of blood on his hands but has been designated as a "moderate" and appears to be part of an anti-mullah program hatched some five years ago to copy the Orange movement of Ukraine with a POPULIST Green one in islamic iran. Moussavi supporters all carry or wear, green ribbons or scarves in a solidarity gesture and to snowball this into a powerful movement. Green is the color of islam and has one advantage of not being conspicuously anti-regime but would also be easily used by the hardliners to infiltrate - as can be seen in the video, where some women tear off their green scarves and berate Rahnavard. She turns the tables by inviting them to speak. She cites "saint" Fatemeh as the example for women against which her hecklers (supporting Ahmadi-Nejad) cannot argue. She asks one of the hecklers (tall woman on the right), "were you the one who got angry? Why? We are friends." (As women) Rahnavard may become the public face and power behind the throne if Moussavi gets elected - mostly with her challenging the plight of women in islamic iran under the male bondage they suffer and putting them into the political, as well as promoting their freedom to advance to where their abilities can take them. Somewhere inside I wonder if the female led (Mariam Rajavi) MEK (Mojaheddin) will play a role in any of this or may choose to infiltrate the Greens to weave themselves in to power and at some point brace the clerics. Blood red (though sometimes Green or Olive/Khaki) scarves are their female recognition insignia. Bringing his wife to the fore and allowing her to campaign for him - in male islamic iran - with a later potential to assume a position of power herself may prove to be a winning move against the current President Ahmadi-Nejad. And set the groundwork for a later head on with the Supreme Ruler? Note: the position of Prime Minister was abolished by Khomeini. HEADS UP ALL ROUND HERE!

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