Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I had not consciously heard the Israeli National Anthem before and wondered how many out there had also not heard it so here it is. Feel free to send me YouTube (only) links to your national anthems and I will happily post them. Add the link to Comments, noting we monitor/moderate Comments to prevent what had started to happen, commercial advertisements in various languages, selling who knows what in Japanese and gold offers. This site is NON-commercial so we block attempted abuse of it. Apologies to a "Hope" site that berated us for not allowing their commercial comments to post. Here, we offer our opinions to inform on matters as we see them. Be happy, be well and send in your national anthems, the least known ones the better.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alan,
Superb idea and thanks for posting "Sorood'e Shahan'Shahie", Hatikva and "Ey Iran".

If I may suggest, as an acknowledgement of the valour of Canadian troops serving in Afghanistan, you might like to post
this rendition of "The Maple Leaf Forever"


"Oh Canada"

And "God Save The Queen"