Sunday, May 17, 2009


Note: what Carter did to Iran is almost exactly what Oba-Hussein is doing to America - while also supporting the bloody regime in islamic iran - should serve as a warning to us. The articles about the Shah posted previously are not intended as a review of history but rather a warning of our future in the hands of Oba-Hussien-Khomeini. If you have skipped reading those detailed articles, take a second look and note the parallels which you need to consider in our present and our future as it is unfolding under the Oba-Hussein administration and how those around him guide matters into disaster. The same vast USA power directed against the Shah by Carter are now being directed at us, at "we the people" by Obama as our rights and freedoms are being removed as our Constitution gets skinned alive - without much protest by YOU! Get involved and save our nation.

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