Monday, May 18, 2009


The word "God" has been under fire in the USA and multiple efforts have been made to remove it from nearly every venue under the most often false separation of Church and State interpretations. Meanwhile, Allah and Moslem theology has contradictorally been permitted to penetrate school books, and a myriad venues where Chrisitianity has been banned from appearing publicly while promotion of this "religion" appears to be fine. Hypocrisy where "religion" only applies to Christian beliefs but all others can play freely.

Or is Islam, because of its global caliphate jihad to rule over all nations, truly just another political "ism" which should be again called publicly as Mohammadenism (as it used to be called for centuries) and thus flourish as a competing political party/ideology with fascism, communism, socialism and not hide behind a "protective" title of religion, where the religion preaches life or death control, or failing this, destruction of all non-Moslems, who fail to accept Allah.

(Alan note: I do not follow, promote nor espouse any particular religion to reach my common sense opinions/observations).

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