Thursday, May 28, 2009


WHEN IN HEAVEN'S NAME WILL YOU WAKE UP AMERICA AND SEE THE EVIL YOU HAVE VOTED ONTO US WHICH IS DESTROYING OUR RIGHTS, OUR SAFETY AND MOST OF ALL OUR FREEDOM This speech could have been made, with different euphemisms by Hitler or the other Khomeini, the ayatollah one, not our scourge, the Oba-Hussein-Khomeini one. I am already hearing people say they know they are going down from poverty and will not survive Obama and gain pleasure from the fact that those who voted this plague in on us will also suffer the same fate and suffer we all shall. Reverse schadenfreude? Read this carefully and READING BETWEEN THE LINES see how closely the Obama take over and detruction of America along lines adopted and implemented by non-Iranian Khomeini from he Soviet playbook can be seen in progress here in the USA. Khomeini openly hated Iran (not his real country, nor is America Obama’s) and often stated he would kill as many Persians as there were hairs on the head of his son, killed in an auto accident which he called an “assassination”. Even in this fairly brief reportage, you can see the similarities between British-Indo Khomeini who invaded Iran, then destroyed it and Marxist-Islamist Oba-Hussein-Khomeini in the USA. Hard to believe Obama is hell bent on our destruction but watch how much - quite probably IRREVERSIBLE damage he has done and points out proudly, in his first 120-days. Then, when reviewed in this light, the truth hits you. He and his nefarious gang are not making mistakes, they are doing it on purpose. Tanking the economy ———intentional. Seizing private industry ——intentional. Limiting energy sources——intentional. Their gullible, ignorance is hard to believe. The “hard to believe” points to the millions still in denial. Some are waking up but as a prominent economist in Hungary responded when asked when the hard hit would happen to Americans, he repleid "it already has and most likely cannot be stopped". He meant through Obama we have already crashed and burned! Just still cannot see it through the sweet language Oba-Hussein uses to hide the life altering catastrophe he has launched. Easy to spot when you’ve seen it before and it becomes a replay with different actors. I wonder when the rest of America will wake up to what is being done to us. Not by silliness but on purpose. To create a new world order. The USA was and may still be the biggest obstacle because we have our deeply embedded notion of freedoms and rights. And are still a huge power. We cannot be persuaded to change to fit Oba-Hussein's "change" we have to be forced into it. AntiMullah came into being as philosophical opposition to the clerics in islamic iran by posting our opinions. Recently it has become hard to distinguish between Obama and the Mullahs and just as frustrating to see how they each ruthlessly destroy those they “administer”. For those who might refute all this with the comment that the American Khomeini has not caused the bloodshed of his “iranian” counterpart (they are both islamic-marxists), just wait for a few months and see the blood that may well flow in Califoria streets when Welfare payments are stopped. Numerous street riots will, apart from probable deaths when local law enforcement clashes with perhaps hungry or ill rioters, result most probably in escalating to martial law and the sending of some of the 80,000 troops being trained in Georgia in Martial Law enforcement to California. New laws such as the "new legal regime" mentioned by Obama in the video below, shall most probably promote more than Prolonged Detention and create removal of Miranda Rights or even Probablye Cause basis for an arrest or incarceration. The Obama thought pattern flows along the mentality the other ayatollah had. When asked what should be done with the Ministry of Justice and how trials should be conducted, he replied "anyone who is against me is against Allah and must be killed on the spot. Why do we need a trial?" Oba-Hussein-Khomeini cannot be this loose and free under our Western laws and culture but inside him nests the Communist and Islamic indoctrinations from very early on in his life which provide him such desires of control, specially when coming though his diagnosed Narcissistic personality. Think carefully when you realize the stopping of welfare checks covers hundreds of thousands and perhaps several million recipients who cannot survive without them. Only those who have falsified/exaggerated their true needs may stay home. They will flood into streets not on the basis of any legal rights but on emotional reaction to a need or “want” they have come to expect as a right. Whether legals or illegals. Remember the fairly recent California marches with all those Mexican Flags? Now add genuine hunger or loss of money with which to buy drugs or alcohol to the mix. Or more genuinely their need for medical care and medication. Short term result - ayatollah type blood shedding. Let’s see Obama boast publicly about that, though he may gloat privately at the extent of his anti-American success rate. As goes California so goes the nation. And if the going gets too tough, so goes Obama back to his motherland Kenya to live happily ever after with his Cousin Odinga in charge there and perhaps running legitimately for President of Kenya. On a personal level, under the circumstances and without a large enough financial cushion, I have an almost zero survival prognosis/quotient in Obamaland which makes my frustration even sadder - because of those who could otherwise live a long and fruitful life without the Obamanation our naive voters have inflicted on us.

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