Saturday, May 23, 2009


Some indication of the varied cross section of visitors to AntiMullah. Quite a few visitors are from Iran but fall into the the "proxy or unknown" concealed sources. Recently quite a large number of visitors from islamic iran, have viewed an archive Farsi article which translates to "Women Arise" yet cautions them to not to pour out into the streets but make the homelife of torturers and prison interrogators as uncomfortable short of getting divorced (very easy in islamic iran) and getting thrown into the streets to join HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of abandoned wives and parentless girls. NOTE: in islamic iranian society today, regime operatives and members of the Bassiji (suppression) and Passdar (Revolutionary Guards) are increasingly being isolated and shunned - even by their neighbors. A suggestion, in the Women Arise article, to add sulphur surreptitiously to their male members' (also a pun) food to kill their sex drives had an almost immediate and astounding result. Reports from Tehran advised us that sulphur was no longer available or easily found in the market. Must have touched a fear nerve and became a banned substance! A recent remark by a Democrat politician (Harman) suggesting the best way to oppose the Mullahs was to promote the break up of Iran into regional/tribal geographical entities, sent fear coursing into the Mullah establishement and had their USA shill Trita Parsi writing letters to her to condemn her and her mindset. This touched one of their fears that if the various ethnic regions of Iran, under their tribal leaders (not the clerically imposed leadership), the central mullah government would lose control of the country and face being ousted. The enervated protest of Parsi of NIAC shows how this touched a raw clerical nerve. While breaking up Iran would not normally be anymore recommended than the break up of Iraq, it does have some merit if ridding the country of the Mullahs is the primary concern. The country can be put back together. Reza Shah did that once before and perhaps a revisited monarchy of his grandson Reza Pahlavi (with some outside help) could do it again after the Mullah contrl as thrown off.

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