Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ahmadi-Nejad, the islamic iran usurper, as opposed our own Oba-Hussein usurper, holds a sign which says: Bilakh (Farsi "up yours", middle finger) then right to left below it "melat Iran" (Iranian populace).

Cracks are appearing in Ahmadi-Nejad the Turd's support from the Passadar (Revolutionary Guards) senior officer, former colleagues. Sixteen of them have just been arrested for contact with the regular army forces in an effort to oppose the Turd and declare the military and paramilitary.

And his administration has also reportedly arrested Ayatollah Shirazi in Mashhad and a large number of his supporters, which adds to some 1,000 other clerics arrested and imprisoned since Saturday nationwide with many from the holy cty of Ghom among them.

The technically powerful Guardian Council and the Council of Experts have yet to come out with a firm position and may have been frightened by losing clerical colleagues into the regime's bottomless prisons. Nor have they responded to candidate MirHossein Mousavi's request to invalidate the Turd's "false" election victory AND remove the Supreme Leader from office, which they technically can do.

Parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani, a declared enemy of the Turd, has voiced strong criticism of a midnight raid on Tehran University dormitories, wherf he Bassiji and indefinite plain clothes agents broke into teh university (they are formally not alowed to operate on university grounds or campus, breaking down doors and dragging students off to unknown prison destinations.

Remember that the head of Iran's prisons has complained publicly in the recent past that there are over 100 "unofficial" prisons opearted by various "law enforcement" or security organizations, including private militias.

Reports indicate the regime has imported a new strike group of 5,000 Arab Hezbollah mercenaries from Lebanon and Syria. These are all picked for large size and bodybuilder muscular frame similar to picking the biggest and strongest men for a American football team.

Unlike an underlying Persian reluctance to kill fellow Persians, these Arabs take sadistic pleasure in killing and maiming Persians with absolute immunity and even encouragement and reward. Since tney do not speak Persian there is no way to reason with them.

One Isfahani (give away accent) called in to a Farsi radio station in the USA saying he and his friends had captured one of these foreign men and taken him home for questioning but he spoke no language any of them could understand and he was at a loss of what to do with the man.

Possibly an Albanian or similar East European Moslem jihadist mixed in with the Arabs - or he could be an Afghan Taleban talking Pashtu or Tajik.

One female student said with a shiver in her voice that the Bassiji suppression forces did not fighten and she was only afraid of these Hezbollah operatives.

The law and order agents have added to their ranks by giving ardent Ahmadi-Nejad supporters riot helmets and batons or metal pipes and setting them loose on opposition demonstrators.

The direction of events teeter-totters and the final outcome depends on which way it tumbles. For the first time since the 1979 Khomeini mess, Iran could be enjoying enough mmentum to throw out the Mullahs. I wonder if the Iran crisis will wake up Americans to their own VERY SIMILAR Oba-Khomeini status and his power grabbing, nation destroying administration and throw out all the Democrat incumbents in Congress and Senate, who are enabling him. MEANWHILE, H.I.H. Reza Pahlavi's secretariat has had deal with and deny disinformation put out by the Mullahs that he is going to arrive in Iran in two days and join the demonstrators. The action would be suicidal at present but the mullahs want to drag him falsely into the fray this way then claim he was too scared and weaken his influence inside Iran. bilakh

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