Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yet another usurper rises in our midst. The validity of the Mullah regime was already in question, now that the corrupt "selection" has been outed, it's a heavy burden, even on our corrupt Oba-Hussein, to deal with you with a straight face. Yet they say "birds of a feather flock together" so they may be a good pair. Specially as the groundwork for removal of all American freedoms progresses rapidly here in the creation of the USSA (United Socialist States of America. The Iran situation is still volatile and until Saturday the status was not clear. Now the trend is that Khamenei's "coup d'etat" will likely blow up in his face. Moussavi, while Prime Minister in early days under Khomeini, blocked Khamenei's ambitions so when Khamenei came to power as the Supreme Ruler he abolished that position. A lock down has been made inside Iran and the regime states that if they kill a few hundred people in the streets all the rest will bolt for their rabbit holes. And it appears the decision to kill has been made. Those killed will be labelled as thugs and women of ill repute to excuse their fates. Moussavi seems to be employeeing passive or non-violent resistance as was used against the Shah. There will be strikes, employees will not show up at work (though they have no money reserves they did at the time of the Shah) and cars will be dumped and locked in the middle of streets to bring vehicular traffic to a halt in major cities. And prevent the suppression forces reaching demonstration points. What will happen will be live fire, machine gunning at crowds from Revolutionary Guard helicopters. Meanwhile Khamenei, who holds Rafsanjani under arrest at Khamenei's home has told him to hold a vote in his two Councils he chairs and which regulate/decide the eligibility of the Supreme Ruler to remain in that position. Almost certainly this vote will also be rigged to show the Councils' resoundingly approve of the Supreme Ruler and state he should continue. Remember Rafsanjani is being held at the latter's house and may have a sudden heart attack once the vote passes.

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