Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm combining a look at America's new regime under Oba-Hussein-Khomeini and that of Mullah Khamenei to let you decide if we are on the same road as the Mullahs, but a few steps behind. The killing has not started in America but counter-action for foreseen riots and opposition in our streets has started. Some 80,000 soldiers are being trained in Georgia to respond and handle martial law needs. And ACORN agents are carefully doing GPS suveys of all homes so that these or other outside forces, unfamilliar with your neighborhood, can kick down your front door at will, you "domestic terrorist", a citizen who believes in freedom and our Constitution or served in our military! Plus a million man civil security force reporting directly to the Obama House. The final nail in our coffin as a free country with American ideals has been hammered in, as left wing loon Al Franken has been confirmed and will be seated as a Senator. With the Oba-Messiah "cult" in charge and in majority of both Houses of Congress, there is no immediate way to stop the Obama insanity. And if voting by free will and not ACORN thug coercion is still around in a couple of years, we may still have a way out. But of what? Of the devastated ruins of what was once the best country in the world. I am neither joking nor spacing out. Watch for yourselves and perhaps you will wake up as more Americans are beginning to do. Now 31% strongly approve of Obama's presidency while 33% strongly disapprove! The tide has turned now that his profligate spending and mismanagement of almost every aspect of his job becomes apparent. The looney left with Marxist Islamist (no longer a deniable appelation) Oba-Hussein in charge can now ram through not only everything in the House but also in the Senate and have it signed into law. Without anyone reading the bills or being allowed to do so. Ramming it through the House with the Pelosi mafiosa playing every dirty trick she and her gangsters can find to by pass regular ethics. NOBODY ever managed to read the Stimulus Bill, the Budget Bill and now the Cap & Tax Bill, which had 300 pages added secretly at 3 a.m. - whihc obody vrom either party ever read but the Democrat Mafia majority passed regardless of its contents or lack of contents. In its way it is the Mafia Murder Inc. re-incarnation, aimed at the financial life of Americans - not just our bodies. "We won, they say, so we will ignore what the people want and do what the "cult" wants and middle finger to Americans. We have 20 Czars who report to nobody except Oba-Hussein and bypass Congress and the will of the people and thus remove Constitutional checks and balances. Thus we will not govern on your behalf we will rule you and force you to come begging to us for your livelihood and sustenance. What's different in this than what the Soviet Union or a Communist country like Cuba or Venezuela does? And by making life so difficult for you, you will not have the energy or means to oppose us and for those who have earned or still manage to earn, despite our obstacles, enough money to survive without falling to their knees before the ObaMessiah and his cult, we shall tax you to death, AND after death, so nothing remains for your heirs. We already have Bills in Congress to repeal two term limits for the presidency and ACORN will persuade you how to vote........if voting continues to be needed to keep Oba-Hussein-Khomeini as America's Supreme ruler ...... talking of which...... In the same vein we can expect, perhaps in the future here, the voter fraud of the Mullahs in islamic iran who recounted several ballot boxes in front of TV cameras, after which the election was declared valid and proper. Mousavi and Rafsanjani, faced with the probablity of being brought to justice for the rivers of blood they spilled while in office - both are really bad guys - not real reformists, Mousavi as Prime Minister for Khomeini and Rafsanjani as President of the islamic republic. While their beef with Khamenei and Ahmadi-Nejad led to an intermural strife, neither of them were pleased by the result of their protest against the rigged votes turning into an anti-islamic regime movement, which while bringing real change to Iran would end with any new regime hanging them along with other clerics. Including the tens of thousands uselesly killed when Rafsanjani prolonged the Iran-Iraq war for several years to make more money from his arms deal. Over the 30-years of the Khomeini revolt, he has become one of the richest men in the world. Former beggar Supreme Ruler Khamenei has hidden $2 Billion in the Far East and the $1.2 Billion the British confiscated recently belongs to his son Mojtabah, the son of a penniless beggar - whose fagther now takes 10% of Iran's oil reveneus as his income. And allows $Billions to disappear from the national budget, siphoned off by Ahamdi0Nejad for the most part and go overseas in suitcases full of cash. Much of it destined to Hezbollah, HAMAS, Syria and terrorist leaders in Iraq.

While the Central Bank has indentified teh mising money, none of it has been accounted by the Ahmadi-Nejad administration.

But back to the rigged votes:

The dog and pony show in front of TV cameras to prove the election valid was hoist with its own petard!

To drop their votes in a ballot box, teh voters had to fold the ballot into four for it to fit in the slot. MOst of the recount votes were FLAT without any creases! Clearly preloaded into the ballot boxes.

Closer examination showed that about 70% of the recounted ballots were all written by one person with the same handwriting over an over. Not that it really matters as the chain of custody makes the recount of only a few ballot boxes totally invalid and irrelevant. And even that does not really matter either as the Khamenei son and Ahmadi-Nejad coup planned and still does to remove the word "republic" from the name they have adopted, change it to Islamic Iran and rule under the Khomeini Velayat Faghih concepts according to Koranic and Sharia laws where voting is a non-existent concept and the will and commands of Allah and character traits of prophet Mohammad run the country. Through the edicts of selected or self-imposed clergy in power.

Communism and Islam have very similar administrative philosophies and control formulas differing only in who rules at the top, the Communist elite bosses or Allah and his clerics.

The birth of the Khamenei son - Ahmadi-Nejad coup originates with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela taking over as Communist dictator, who took control of all power i the country. Originally, through somewhat dubious elections, followed by an even more dubious one and then total power grab.

There is still a huge fly in the Khamenei ointment. He has little or no respect nor standing among the true religious Shia hierarchy and has found himself facing a backlash.

Ayatollahs around the country (and most likely the Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani from Iraq, currently the most senior Shia leader in the world, are opposing Khamenei.

One powerful Ayatollah from Shiraz, named Tehrani, has even issued a fatwa/edict delcaring the election a fraud and invalid. The head Ayatollah in the holy city of Mashhad (Khamenei's home town) his name escapes my late night, tired brain right now but I believe it is Shirazi) has come out in strong opposition to Khamenei.

With a declaration of invalidity of the election from such a powerful cleric like Ayatollah Tehrani, other reputable Ayatollahs will take heart and are likely to follow suit creating a possibly unbridgeable rift among the clerics.

Rafsanjani, in reality a middle level Hojat-ol-Eslam but now a self-appointed ayatollah knows he has too much to lose, including his life, having already spent about $100 million funding opposition to Khamenei and Ahmadi-Nejad has capitulated and declared the election valis and lawful.

In the Khamenei camp, faced with an increasingly untenable position of having to kill even more than the 500 or so already murdered by his son's mercenary hit squads plus some of the riot police and the THOUSANDS wounded and being made to disappear to leave no traces, has decided to snuf out all opposition in one fell swoop.


Tehran, a city of some 12 million people, currently with daytime temperatures of at least or over 100F degrees IN THE SHADE and nightime ones not much cooler, generally uses water evaporation air conditioner units to cool homes and apartments.

Expensive electricity runs refrigerators, lighting and televisions, while in better homes also electronics and computers.

Imagine what happens if ALL city WATER and ELECTRICITY gets cut off?

How many of the 12 million will die from heat stroke when the cooler units no longer have water and buildings turn into ovens.

Imagine the ensuing starvation when food in refrigerators goes bad in a matter of a day or two? Apart from disease from the tons of rotting food dumped out, the populace as a whole does NOT HAVE THE MONEY to replace perishable food stocks.

And with WATER gone, cannot even boil tea or prepare rice! Oh! Nor have water to drink. They cannot, with the exception of a wealthy upper city few, afford to buy soft drinks or bottled water to replace the body liquid they sweat out in the ovens they now call home. Nor is there cool shade anywhere in which they can hide or find relief.


Khamenei has announced that if the demonstrationd continue he will close down all WATER AND ELECTRICITY to the city of Tehran.

Even it kills millions, he will no longer put up with the opposition to his rule. Deaths will be swift and could number as many as the holocaust Ahmadi-Nejad denies.

Touch and go situation, turning water and electricity back on after only a few days might not cowe the populace into submission but leaving it off would as masses die. But cause an immediate armed revolution by the Revolutionary guards and other government agents who have families and relatives who would also suffer .

BUT the Oba-Hussein regime not only refuses to step away from negotiations with this unimaginably horrifying regime but bans news of Iranian support demonstrations inside the USA from being broadcast by government run Voice of America (VOA) or Radio Farda, including last Sunday's march in Los Angeles, estimated at 50,000 demonstrators and even CNN, which always downplays numbers reported there were 35,000 anti-mullah regime Iranians in the demonstration.

Mainstream media in Germany and other European countries reported on this event BUT the Oba-Hussein-Khomeini radio programs beaming into Iran were blanked out on this in case this would encourage anti-islamic regime fervor inside Iran and spoil the Moslem Oba-Hussein mindset to be nice to the islamic regime. Or to any islamic country, including large loans to Israel's neighbor Jordan. (Asking what in return?) Our State Department's response on behalf of the Administration to the brutality, genocidal murders and enmity of the islamic republic of iran, has been a wishy-washiy hold back from confirming that Ahmadi-Nejad was in fact legitimately elected as president, pending more information. As he has now demanded be done at once.

To read an in depth analysis on the Oba-Hussein presidency click on the link below to read about the Cult of Insanity that has taken us over. http://alanpetersworld.blogspot.com/2009/06/cult-of-insanity.html

Finally view the video below of a Congresswoman Bachmann who "gets it" and dares speak out n the House floor. Must view!

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) speaking on the House floor:

"Now weve moved into the realm of gangster government. We have gangster government when the Federal Government has set up a new cartel and private businesses now have to go begging with their hand out to their local hopefully well politically connected Congressman or their Senator so they can buy a peace offering for that local business. Is that the kind of country we are going to have in the future?

Please join our efforts to rid our government of these scum bags. Join The Kick Them All Out Project at http://www.kickthemallout.com/ SEE FOR YOURSELVES and wake up AMERICA! For God's sake and for the salvation of our nation, wake up!

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