Saturday, June 27, 2009


While his father, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei takes all the blame for the vicious killing and wounding that is going on in islamic iran, it is this man (the young one) MOJATABA KHAMENEI, the middle son, who personally directs the now 15,000 HAMAS, Hezbollah and other Palestinian cold blood killers imported into islamic iran to sadistically batter and maim to death the students. Some from HAMAS, Hezbollah and iranian Special Ops Ghods forces used in Iraq have sniper training and are the ones aiming for head or heart shots of bystanders. Some of the few iranians ready to kill their fellow countrymen. And masterminded the rigged election or "coup". Mothers who have lost children in the demonstrations gathered at the spot where Neda was killed on Amir Abad street and plan to be there everyday as a sign of mourning and protest against the killings. Instead of the mass demonstrations, there have been sporadic ones all over Tehran and other cities nationwide, each of only a thousand or two people, sometimes more, keeping the pot boiling, Interesting twist: while the clerics are touting a letter reportedly signed by Mousavi (under unofficial house arrest) that he accepts the vaiidity of the election results, other sources indicate that he has again rejected a recount of 10% of the ballots and wants the whole election annulled. I hope it is not something lost in translation. Mojtaba is running the country behind the scenes for his father. Like the Saddam Hussein sons, Udei and Koussei, he is the worst of the worst. Make a note of him for genoncide charges via Palestinians and Hezbis!

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View from the Trekant said...

Pray for the people of Iran. Today I am praying for these brave mothers who gather at the site of Neda's death. They have already lost so much and yet they still raise their voices.

These people are so courageous.

Thank you Anti-Mullah for keeping these people in our sight.