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A glimpse into the islamic iranian "Selection" falsely called "election". Only Mullah pre-vetted/politically approved candidates can run and as Stalin said it's not who votes but who counts the votes, that matters. NOW COMING TO YOUR COUNTRY, AMERICA! WAKE UP! Look how far back the Obama machine started the power grab (January 6th, 2009) H.J. Res. 5:"Proposing an amendment to the Constition of the United State to repeal the twenty -second article of amendment thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as president. "Introduced by Rep. Jose Serrano D-NY January 6, 2009 Read the story below the video to see why America might soon have an islamic iranian type of elections with only Obama allowed to run and win. In a Marxist-Islamic socio-political structure imposed by force from the Obaman House. Obama's Enemies List Grows By Mark Hyman Just having the appearance of someone who might possibly vote for an opponent of Barack Obama could land them on the President's enemies list where proxies do the dirty work. Political appointees in the Justice Department killed a six-month investigation by career DOJ lawyers into the most blatant voter intimidation case in 40 years. Last November, jack-booted, uniformed, baton-wielding thugs from the New Black Panther Party calling themselves "security" obstructed a Philadelphia polling location and behaved in an intimidating manner toward white voters. Days after dismissing charges against the menacing thugs, the Justice Department moved in the opposite direction by blocking responsible steps to stem voter fraud. The DOJ barred the administrative procedures Georgia authorities put into place – under federal court guidance -- to verify voter registrations. The DOJ claimed the procedures violated the rights of minority voters. A de facto Obama enemies list and dirty political machine have been expanding since last year. Obama has established several embarrassing presidential firsts including targeting private individuals by names, assigning a well-known "partisan dirt-digger" and non-lawyer to the White House Counsel's Office to likely gain access to Bush Administration documents protected under attorney-client privilege, and moving the senior political advisor into the West Wing. These are heretofore unseen partisan practices (except for decades in Chicago, where Obama learned to use them). Career opposition researcher Shauna Daly left the White House Counsel's Office after a mere month and returned to the Democratic National Committee where using privileged attorney-client information in the opposition research department would set a new low in unethical practices. Attempting to build-up the Obama Administration by criticizing that of his predecessor has become a near-daily exercise. Obama has personally led efforts to demonize George W. Bush. There has been a full-court press to label enhanced detainee interrogation techniques, approved by Democratic leaders and discontinued for the past six years, as "torture." Interrogation techniques used on tens of thousands of U.S. servicemen and women for more than two decades were suddenly considered criminal acts and Bush officials in the review and approval chain have been smeared as criminals. Two military psychologists who supervised the enhanced interrogation techniques that were used on only three terrorist leaders were publicly outed by Democratic Senator Carl Levin placing both doctors and their families in personal danger. The doctors' identities had previously been kept under wraps. Obama's lawyers are attempting to financially ruin individuals, party to the most absurd soap opera involving the 44th president. There is unabated controversy regarding his birth, citizenship and foreign travel. Obama could immediately silence his critics by authorizing the release of his original birth certificate and passport. One has to wonder what could possibly be in either document that has caused Obama to wage a fierce and expensive legal battle to keep the files secreted. Aside from Joan Rivers, nearly every American would willingly make their birth certificate available and Obama's stubborn refusal to do so only adds to the controversy. Petty personal politics, while damaging to the dignity of the White House, have allowed the Obama Administration to elevate political allies and their causes and denigrate valid critics. David Axelrod, Obama's chief political strategist, appeared on National Public Radio last month and belittled a 21-year old beauty pageant contestant, insisting she was one of three finalists for the Obama family dog. The target of Axelrod's churlish remarks was Carrie Prejean, the reigning Miss California. Weeks earlier, Prejean was victimized by a militant homosexual judge who was angry she did not enthusiastically endorse gay marriage in response to his "have-you-stopped-beating-your-wife?" question during the Miss USA competition. (Alan note: was this attack on any hint of lack of support of homosexuality emanating from protecting "gayness" based on reports of Obaman dallies into gay sex as disclosed by Larry Sinclair?) Hours after a doctor specializing in partial-birth abortions was slain, both Obama and U.S. Attorney-General Eric Holder issued statements strongly condemning the killing. Further, Holder deployed scores of U.S. Marshals to protect abortion clinics nationwide. The emphatic denunciation of this slaying differed wildly with a nearly identical murder only 24-hours later. A Muslim shot two U.S. Army soldiers outside a Little Rock recruiting station killing one. Days later, the White House quietly faxed a subdued statement to a single Arkansas news outlet while Holder remained silent regarding the act of Islamic terrorism. This antagonistic attitude toward servicemen and women is not surprising. A few months earlier, the Department of Homeland Security issued a document warning counterterrorism and law enforcement authorities of an alleged threat to the U.S. posed by "domestic rightwing terrorists." (Alan note: But close your eyes to a domestic Moslem-American assassinating an US soldier! Does this point to Obaman Moslem roots coming out of the closet?) Included in the group of potential rightwing terrorists are individuals who are pro-life, support the Second Amendment and oppose the flood of illegal aliens. The DHS pamphlet also singled out military veterans for possible recruitment into domestic terrorist cells. (Alan note: Yet some 32 Jihadi islamic self-admitted terror training camps around the USA are "immune" as they have not broken any law yet on the books and no laws to restrict them is in the works. Shades of Bill Clinton, when in office, who refused to accept Osama bin Laden handed to him on a platter because "I have now law under which to prosecute him. Obama has order enemy combatants captured and being held by US Forces in Afghanistan to be Mirandized (read their rights) as if they were simply criminals INSIDE THE USA, who had to be told they had the right to remain silent and not self-incriminate!) The targeting of perceived political enemies by the Obama Administration has grown from mere individuals to entire groups. Evidence emerged that a common thread among the list of 789 Chrysler dealerships ordered closed by the White House is that the owners donated to GOP candidates, Republican-leaning causes or donated to Hillary Clinton or John Edwards during the Democratic presidential primaries. Auto industry observers and others report that apparently successful franchises (such as Chrysler's highest-rated 5-star dealerships) were ordered closed in favor of less successful car lots and the consistent discriminator was which political party the owners supported. One report suggests the closure list may have been drawn up by the (unelected) car czar's office. (Alan note: The unelected czars at the Obaman House are coming at us so fast and furious, reporting only to the President, already numbering some 18 headings or so, they have taken hands on control of almost every major aspect of a citizen's life from financial, to cultural, to safety, to health, to political , to how much we can get paid etc., etc. Down to draftingand ensuring pasage of laws for the Obaman power grab forbidding demonstrating in the streets against any law passed by Congress, to outlawing eight out of 10 types of pocket knives currently in general use nationwide , and making guns useless by regulating and putting serial numbers on every bullet and limiting how many you can buy to about 20 a month. And mandating destruction of all ammunition anyone holds from before the law.) In some instances, dealerships ordered closed were those that competed with franchises whose owners were prolific supporters or contributors to Democratic politicians. Thomas "Mack" McLarty, former chief of staff to Bill Clinton, had virtually all of the competition to his six dealership locations wiped out. Also targeted during the auto industry purge were companies that did not willingly agree to Obama's political demands. Representatives of three secured creditors that did not receive any government bailout money reported they were threatened if they did not agree to White House demands in Chrysler's restructuring. The White House insistence that secured creditors accept only 29 cents on the dollar while inflating the value of unsecured credit claims held by the United Auto Workers turned two century-old bankruptcy policy on its head. One fund manager reported being on the receiving end of a profanity-laced tirade by Auto Industry Task Force head Steve Rattner that included threats to use the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission in gangster-like enforcement roles. (Mayor Daly type corrupt Chicago power structures and formulas of rewarding supporters and detroying opponents with thrreat to life and limb, regardless of the law, has now entered the Obaman House as the only experience Obama has of administration and no moral hesitancy to play dirty, learned under Daly and in Chicago Community Organizing) In another exchange, Thomas Lauria, a lawyer for financial firm Perella Weinberg Partners, reported the car czar threatened that "the full force of the White House press corps would destroy its [Perella Weinberg's] reputation" unless the firm agreed to Obama administration demands in Chrysler's bankruptcy. The failure by the White House press corps to repudiate Rattner's threat speaks volumes and underscores their role as an ally of the Obama Administration. The Other Candidate

While promoting Moussavi in the video below, Pepe the speaker omits and disinforms. He calls Moussavi a reformist candidate implying that he would change islamic iran and remove the Mullahs.

Hard to see the former Prime Minister of a very bloody era under Khomeini's direct rule, where rivers of blood flowed off his hands, becoming a gentle leader of the Green Democracy as he suggests.

His "change" would be as ruthless (as Obama's) and even bloody as exists now with this exception: the populace would be allowed the distraction of music, less restricted videos, relaxed dress codes and some of the current social pressure would dissipate and provide him popularity.

But he needs to take power and this means he would have to face off the hardline Mullahs, who would throw duty to Allah, the Koran, propriety of women as dictated by sharia religious law at him, organize mobs and quickly force him into reprisals to control the country.

No Mullah real democracy can be expected to exist, flourish or let alone survive in the theocracy dictatorship of islamic iran. and no, the recent and former "elections" are NOT indicators of a democracy as we know it in the West. It is a sham perpetrated on us as part of the deception to gain time till they are nuclear and untouchable.

As a "good iranian Moslem", which he has to show to be to govern, Moussavi will not sell out his country to someone like Obama unless the latter comes fully out of the religious closet as a Moslem and a religious ally that Moussavi could then excuse accomodating.

As can be seen in the video below, duty to Allah is used by Supreme Ruler Khamenei to push "true believers" to vote for Ahmadi-Nutjob as a religious duty. How can they refuse? Other than the better educated youth who have had it with the variant form of Khomeini's rule of the clergy (valieh-faghih) still in force in islamic iran. Later, had Moussavi been formally given (it's not elected, it's awarded) the position of President, the will of Allah as "heard and interpreted" by Khamenei and hafrd loners would have said it was religious duty to form mobs in the streets and rfise up against him. What is notable is the total misinformation/disinformation of actual voter numbers/turn-out. In the last parliamentary elections, voter turn-out was declared to also be in the 60% range, whereas statistics leaked out of the Ministry Interior put the REAL figure at around SEVEN PERCENT! As other reports reaching AntiMullah at the time confirmed. Supreme Leader Khamenei immediately removed voter statistics from the Ministry jurisdiction where they were traditionally tallied and declared and issued statements from his own office. Possibly why Obama has declared the American Census would no longer be handled by the Commerce Department and would be admininstered bhy the Obaman House!

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