Sunday, June 14, 2009


The video at the end is in Shahrara near the Tehran Mehrabad airport area. Because of the 11-hour time difference, it is night there when daytime in California. And vice-versa. What is different this time is that Moussavi was Prime Minister for Khomeini and is using the effective tactics used to dethrone the late Shah to bring the Mullah regime to a standstill. In those days (I was there) people would go on their roof tops at night and call out Allah Akbar for hours. This created a "bonding" among those who were anti-monarchy. The shouts would pull others to nearby roofs and after a while there was what sounded like tens of thousands of voices reverberating through the cities. And oft-times, toward the end, had more than that number participating. This time, they have added "death to dictators" (which was not used against the Shah). And the shouts can be heard over the phone when people call in from Iran in the daytime, too. As we speak, there is a march by demonstrators in Tehran heading for the infamous Evin prison, which could lead to breaking news. (Pun of "breaking limbs and heads not intentional) Moussavi, in a subtle manner, has put in a formal request to the Ministry of Interior to hold a March/Demonstration on Tuesday. The permit was refused and he was warned that any such activity would be dealt with firmly. Ostensibly with arrests and fines. In reality with violence. Reports say that Khamenei, who has not been seen in public since the rioting, spent the night in fear with Korans on his and his wife's heads for "protection". Sorting out the reports that Rafsanjani and Moussavi have called for special meetings of the Guardians Council and Council of Experts in the holy ciy of Ghom, which certify the eligibility of the Supreme Ruler, to have him declared no longer worthy for his "coup d'etat" and falsehood in declaring Ahmadi-Nejad the winner. Both the likelihood of this and the final result depends on whether Rafsanjani is free or is being held prisoner in the Supreme Leader's home and whether Moussavi is under house arrest as reported. Reports surfacedd that both were arrested as well as Moussavi's wife. This seves t ouse them as leverage-hostages. On the other hand, other reports from the Supreme Ruler's entourage, say that he has called for a meeting with Moussavi and Rafsanjani, Kahrubi and Rezai to discuss his ILL-HEALTH. He has had colon cancer for quite while and was not expected to live this long, so he might be planning to use this as an exit strategy and negotiate his way out of the country to retire somewhere in a Far East country, where he has salted away some TWO BILLION Dollars. (Truly from the rags of a beggar of alms in Mashhad cemeteries to a billionaire in Dollars). In the meantime, other reports from the regime indicate that Khamenei has been frozen out of everything since he congratulated Ahmadi-Nejad and islamic iran is being run by the paramilitary Revolutionary Guard Corps. The regular Army has once again declared their neutrality and refusal to be involved in an Iranian on Iranian bloodshedding. For the record, the islamic Treasury and banks they control indicate Ahmadi-Nejad withdrew FIVE BILLION Dollars to pay for his campaign and buy potatoes and gold coins he handed out liberally throughout the provinces to buy votes. The Opposition candidates, including former Head of Revolutionary Guards Commander Rezai have formed a coalition and alliance against Ahmadi-Nejad, a former Guard officer himself. Meanwhile in a related set of events, Shia Yemen has taken six Germans, one Britisher and one Korean hostage on islamic iran's orders to use as notiating chips, though exactly where and when is still unclear. I am putting this informaton down without any specific order but more as it arrives in dribs and drabs. The Hezbollah mercenaries who arrive on motorcycles and club people in the street with baseball bats and steel pipes are running into a new defence. Two protestors, when they spot one of these motorcyclists walk close to each other then split to either side of the oncoming. They happen to have a longish rope in their hands, which they then stretch tight and suddenly dismount the rider. The riders can then be captured and their motorcycles set on fire. With communications cut off in Iran and phone calls around the country and outside very difficult, requests by phone are coming out for "filter shekan" (filter breakers) which I take to mean proxies which can be used to by pass the regime's Internet blocks and filters. Other calls come from the Moussavi supporters who are giving out his home address so that if things get bad for him, his supporters can rush to his aid. A year or two ago, moderate Ayatollah Boroujerdi, whose father was a Grand Ayatollah and respected by the Shah himself, who would go down to visit him in Ghom instead of calling him in to an audience, went up against the Khamenei Mullahs and ended up putting out desperate calls to his supporters to rush to his aid. About a 100 showd up but were treated with incredible violence, being stabbed, acid poured on them an dteh Ayatollah was eventually dragged out of his house, arrested and beaten up while the Bassiji robbed his house and emptied it o fantynign worth taking. He is currently in prison with a suspended death sentence hanging over him, though it is against the law to execute an Ayatollah in Iran - or used to be). One call from Iran dealt with the claim by Ahmadi-Nejad that One Million people surrounded his raised platform to celebrate his victory party. To my surprise the lady firnly stated that this was impossible and (to my astonishment) quoted the formula for crowd/marchers estimation used by intel or law enforcement based on the area occupied. And a multiplier of six persons per square meter for a packed crowd and only four for spaced out ones. She said that the area where a million people were supposed to have been was one thousand square meters and so even at six per unit, this allowed only six thousand people to occupy/fill that space. All foreign journalists have been ordered out by Monday (our Sunday night) except for a couple whose visas last another day or two and a few who have a permanent presence (like CNN and Reuters, both kiss-ass toward the Mullahs for access). One or two were taken off the street and to the Ministry of Interior cellar and badly beaten. No reason or excuse for this offered to them. They saw over a hundred frightened Iranians sittng on th efloor waiting for a similar fate. Other clerics are not spared either and members of the Combatant Clerics Party have been arrested in droves. Some 1,000 opposition parties members have also been thrown in prison till now and the death toll reportedly hovers at around 30 or so. One girl who was beaten by the Bassiji, says they kicked her and hit her around the head and then pressed her finger nails so hard she was about to faint from the pain. The slogans chanted by these and other marchers are "death to dictators" and often elsewhere "Moussavi get my vote back for me".

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