Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The above link goes to a site which puts up a Heading link and a paragraph introduction to all the articles posted on AntiMullah (Main page only). They appear the same day as they were written and provide a good archive or index in case you want to find a story again. Going back a long way.

Please remember that the AntiMullah site has the safety and security of the USA and the removal of the Mullahs in islamic iran and freedom for Persians as a basic tenet - but not on a Democrat or Republican political footing. We support what common sense and long experience worldwide tells us is good for our country, the USA, and oppose the kind of corrupt, Marxist-Islamist, Chicago gangland politics that is being imposed on us.

And try to adopt a common sense approach to solutions, not the insane power grab we face today and try to educate the populace of any nation which visits what events mean for them if they realize what is happening. What happens in the USA has begun to pollute the well-being of the whole world.

Simple observation of the Oba-Husssein-Khomeini Cabinet and other key appointments, his 32 czars and destructive fiscal policies scream danger for our nation and the gentle reproach of murderous islamic iran ayatollahs by Oba-Hussein in the face of thousands dead, wounded, arrested and tortured, flies in the face of his claim to Christianity.

His appointment today of two fervent if not totally fanatical Moslems to top positions of Homeland Security, where they will set and implement policy for the Department, portends pro-Sharia mind sets, in which the Moslem Oba-Hussein revels and finds comfort. Even the Communist side of him fits nicely into the Marxist-Islamist similarly parallel structures. The only difference is for whom they kill, maim and destroy......

Today we had visits from about 65 countries worldwide. In the thousands, so must be doing something right.

Wake up America! Stop supporting your badly chosen Khomeini. Stop denying your mistake and accept your voters remorse, and act upon it.

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