Saturday, July 18, 2009


SIDEBAR on last Friday's demonstrations. In this video in addition to stating they will "spill our blood to make sure Moussavi does not lose", the crowd quickly turned to chanting" Shame on you Russia, let go of our country". ("Roo-ssi-eh ", which you hear in the video is the Persian for Russia) Noting there are some 50,000 Russian "advisors" inside Iran, almost every government office or organization has at least one, sending about $100 million A MONTH home to mother Russia, the Russians have a fairly high profile and meedle with Iranian affairs on a daily basis. They enjoy a certain standing because they are buidling the Bandar Abbas nuclear power plant, with 16 more in the pipeline and because they proivde the regime with intelligence information with a fairly sophisticated array of spyware installed the region, With Ahmadi-Nejad promptly fleeing to Russia when the demonstrations started and then reportedly inviting the Russians to land military forces in South Iran to "protect the nuclear facility" word reached the populace that the Coup d'Etat was a Russian plot. Remember the Supreme Ruler, Ali Khamenei attended Patrice Lumumba Univesity in Moscow and as an unprincipled and unethical man from very low beginnings, will sell anything he can to gain and retain power. And he has the whole of Iran to sell to a very willing Russian buyer. Does nobody else see the parallels of this kind of leadership in Islamic Iran with what is being forcefully imposed on us here in America?

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