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Future Statue of Liberty? READ THE LAST PARAGRAPHS OF THE ARTICLE FOR THE REAL PUNCH LINE OF ALL THIS With some fatwas (religious decrees) from the most senior ayatollahs declaring the Ahmadi-Nejad election AND government as illegitimate and an increasing rift among the Mullahs, the latest gambit of the Supreme Leader's Ali Khamenei clan is to scapegoat Ahmadi-Nejad as behind all the troubles of the country and have him killed/murdered or killed/executed for the deaths of the demonstrators. It's all his fault. In addition while Mullah Khamenei Sr. has the top boss TITLE, he has NO respect among the other clerics who consider him an usurper, who took away Ayatollah Montazeri's job by stealth and deceit, by issuing a decree in the name of Ruhollah Khomeini to this effect when the Ayatollah was in a coma in hospital and kept incommunicado, no visitors allowed, by his son Ahmad and at the time minor cleric Khamenei, who issued decrees in patient's name and used Khomeini's seal to validate them.

The decree which named Mullah Khamenei as the new Supreme Ruler was almost certainly issued after Khomeini had already died. His death was not FORMALLY announced for weeks after he WAS DEAD according to hospital medics. Yet, after a short hiatus, the decrees kept flowing out.

The video below - Persian song with sub-titles - provides a window into the soul and motivation behind the demonstrations and describes the kind of chants inside the hearts of the demonstrators. Video from Tehran (below) shows crowds of upset opposition supporters reacting to a much-anticipated Friday sermon given by Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who called for the release of political prisoners but stopped short of a wholesale condemnation of the government's crackdown. Rafsanjani is one of Iran's leading power brokers and a supporter of opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi, but is widely considered more of a calculating politician than a risk-taker.

The latest demonstrations showed several new wrinkles on the Iranian front. In one of the videos, the usual male cheer leader with his powerful loud speakers repeatedly shouted "Allah Akbar" into his microphone to trigger a response.

Instead of a roaring echoed response some people repeated the urgent prompting salutation, which you can hear in the videos but most of the crowd shouted something else and soon they were shouting anti-regime slogans. Then broke into the pre- mullah, traditional national anthem.

This literally equals a poke in the eye for the regime.

Not in these videos but reported to us from Iran the same cheer leader, as is his standard role also began exhorting the crowd to shout "Marg bar" (death to .... remember this when you watch the videos) then Amrika (America) and Israel. To his frustration the crowd chanted "Death to Russia and Death to China instead! ( You can recognize this when they chant "Marg bar Roossieh" (phonetic) or as below death to the Dictator.

Death to the dictator encompasses (Mullah Khamenei Sr and his son Mojtaba) Slogan/chant


Some Bassiji thugs roughed up Presidential candidate "ayatollah Karubi" when he arrived and he had his turban and clerical robe stripped off him as they used the most abusive, dirty language possible while doing so..

When Rafsanjani asked the students/crowd not to block access to the university to allow people to come to the Friday prayer meeting the crowd responded with jeers, whistles and booing catcalls.

An estimate of the crowds from inside Iran put them at a huge three million people, which would mean they filled miles of streets as well as the areas around the university. Tens of thousands was a phrase used by conservative CNN which then added that based on videos they had reviewed it could well have been hundreds of thousands of people so the three million may not be that far off the mark.

Green leader Moussavi also attended but did not enter the Friday prayer hall and listened from outside.

Once the crowds built up into large numbers and clashed with Bassiji thugs, the Mullah regime blanked off television and radio broadcasting of the event. Their reactions and clashes among the clerics appears to point to a growing fear of losing control of the country.

And as the students sense this their defiance increases and their slogans take on a new intensity and belligerence.

There were also thousands demonstrating in the streets of holy city of Mashhad (Khamenei's home town) and Azaris in Tabriz, where clashes led to at least 20 deaths. The Grand Ayatollah Taheri of Isfahan has also issued a declaration that the Khameneis and Ahmadi-Nejad are illegitimate.

Some of the slogans in the video "GIVE US BACK OUR VOTE" - "COUP D'ETAT GOVERNMENT MUST RESIGN" - PROTECT, PROTECT MILITARY FORCES If anyone but naive, totally inexperienced useful fool, pro-Mullah, Moslem Oba-Hussein-Khomeini were in charge of America at this point in time where the legitimacy of the Islamic regime government is in question it is the moment to set up an Iranian government in exile and have it recognized by major Western countries and thus enlarge the split among the clergy factions.

And set in motion a defensible political change of regime.

AntiMullah has been working on a simplified process to implement this course of action but it would fall on deaf ears with the current Oba-Hussein administration which appears to be going out of its way to defend and support the Mullah regime instead of the desperate seeking of freedom of the populace. Or, hard to discard with the way Oba-Hussein has behaved, the Mullahs have something they can hold over his head and blackmail or extort him. Perhaps some other Western countries will wake up, realize the dangers of the control their Moslem communities are fomenting from inside their borders and work on defanging Islamic Iran while they still can. Or face a nuclear, suicidal Hojatieh Islamic Iran!

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