Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is a trend we are seeing more and more as protesters become active and vocal against Obamas policies. Wednesday, Baton Rouge, Louisiana police threaten to arrest anti-Obama people, who just wanted to TALK to people at a town hall about the downside of Obamacare. But because the ACORN Community Organizers dont like different points of view, and Louisiana is home to the SEIU, ACORN, and its alphabet soup of branches, they push the police into saying SHUT THE F--K UP, Patriots. You may not speak to the worshipers. This weekend, nationwide door-to-door campaigns and protests were held to educate and listen to the public on healthcare, cap and trade and more. The American people who do NOT want these policies are in the majority and are growing every day. But for Barrys minions, it is: No. Dissent. Allowed. If you disagree, you are RACISTS. Obamas Redshirts are here. These women were warned that exercising their right to free speech would result in arrest. Time is ticking away, and communism is pounding on the door. Time for each of us to carry his or her own water. Time to stay off the couch. The idea that certain segments of society must be treated deferentially, in order to prevent them from committing violent acts against people exercising their rights under the Constitution, should be abhorrent to all Americans. The fact that it isnt, is an indication of the tremendous success that socialists/communists have had in brainwashing the population.

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ROSTAM said...

It seems we´re living in a ridiculous society apperentely free, when you are politicaly correct according with the majorities mind.

I see everywhere is the same.

Congratulations for your excellent blog and best regards from Spain