Friday, July 31, 2009


If you click on the "cash for clunkers" site of the government to get information, a warning comes up saying that if you continue to the next section to find out answers to your question YOUR COMPUTER instantly BECOMES A FEDERAL COMPUTER AND EVERYTHING IN IT BELONGS TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND THEY CAN ACCESS and USE WHATEVER THEY FIND ON IT AND MONITOR YOUR ACTIVITY!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!! Does any of this register in the minds of Americans? Can you not see all the hidden take over clauses inserted into various pieces of legislation that enslave you and allow the government to do with you as it wishes and as with any Marxist or Socialist administrative set up, it's good for them and not good for you. Those of us with international experience will spot this but most Americans are born, live and die within 25 miles of where they were born and have NO CLUE of other places, rulers and governing ideologies so are like deer in the headlights. Another predominant theme woven into various legislations already approved or going through Congress, sets up huge organized BRAINWASHING of children, of adults or families, where they are taught how to think and are forbidden to think or say anything outside the imposed parameters by thought police and family counselling and youth camps.

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