Sunday, July 12, 2009


Already snubbed publicly in Saudi Arabia when dignitaries refused to shake his hand as seen in a video, when he was in a reception line with King Abdullah, here is a photo of how Russian President Medvedev shook hands with Obama. And below that is a video of how other dignitaries in Russia also refused Obama's outstretched hand.
And it's not only overseas!
Obama roundly criticized his predecessor for issuing "signing statements" that clarified his stance on the bills he signed into law. But that was before he got the job. Now Obama feels totally at ease issuing signing statements that say, in effect, that he will ignore provisions of laws he doesn't like.
This totalitarian mindset is pretty much ignored by the mainstream media, who are too busy trying to make sure Obama's zipper doesn't close on their lips.
However misled and clueless the zombies in the House of Representatives may be, they can still recognize a power grab when they see one. This particular power grab was rebuked with a 429-2 vote on Friday.

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