Saturday, July 11, 2009


But what's particularly galling about Obamanomics is that we may well be losing our competitive edge with Europe. While Europe is ever so slightly moving toward Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, the United States is shifting toward an overtaxed and overregulated model that smacks of Francois Mitterrand. That's something no one should want to tolerate. OBAMANOMICS GOING WRONG WAY click here OBAMA HEALTH CARE coming to a clinic near YOU ===============-=============== Perspective about the way we ignore deaths of heros and flock to entertainers A SOLDIER'S LETTER click here ===============================


A look at a Los Angeles weekday (Thursday) July 10th demonstration in support of the "18th Tir" anniversary of students getting slaughtered in 1999 by the Mullahs. Anyone notice the trend? Carter brought the Khomeini slaughter into Iran and gave birth to almost all our terrorist troubles; Clinton era had the19th Tir massacre and now they are being murdered in the streets under Oba-Hussein-Khomeini, who eats ice cream while they die and refuses to support efforts for freedom


Click here: Picasa Web Albums - davoud - 100EOS5D ============================== More proof that Obama and the liberals, who want Gitmo closed and the terrorists given our constitutional rights okayed, are in with the terrorists!!! Released GITMO Inmate Leads Taliban Against U.S. Marines in Operation Khanjar ATTACKS AGAINST MARINES LED BY FORMER GITMO INMATE! MORE PROOF GITMO TERRORISTS SHOULD NOT BE RELEASED Yesterday MAF made a plea for you to help out our Marines who are taking part in Operation Khanjar. This operation is the largest and fiercest fight in the Afghanistan war and 4,000 Marines are taking part. Today, the mass media are reporting a couple stories about the progress of Operation Khanjar. While the Taliban and Al Qaeda could never stand toe to toe with our highly skilled Marines, several news organizations reported that the Taliban are in the middle of launching a counter-operation. Operation Foladi Jal, Pashtu for ‘Iron Net’ is supposedly a Taliban counteroffensive designed to ‘teach’ our Marines ‘a lesson’ according to a Taliban spokesman. The Taliban are being led by ‘Mullah Zakir’ a former GUANTANAMO BAY detainee also known as Abdullah Ghulam Rassoul. Zakir was LET GO, he was RELEASED because of international pressure, and now he is out there in Afghanistan leading the Taliban and killing American troops! What is wrong with these people in our government who turn our enemies loose so they can come back and kill our military men and women? It just sickens us, and hope you agree with this total outrage. ==================================== There are a few things you need to know about President Obama’s shameful release on Thursday of the “Irbil Five” — Quds Force commanders from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) who were coordinating terrorist attacks in Iraq that have killed hundreds — yes, hundreds — of American soldiers and Marines. ============================ He said, “Our bank’s leadership team and others I know at the local or regional level feel paralyzed and intimidated by the climate of fear created by the Obama administration. We believe we are targets of a very deliberate conspiracy. ============================ "Amid criticism that the outcome of the G-8 Summit's work on Iranyielded only a statement rather than a punishment for Iran's nuclearprogram, President Obama beat back, disputing that this was ever agoal of the summit."Oh jeez. Just a nice kaffeeklatsch so they can all pose for pictures,leer at the Brazil PM's hotcha daughter, and generally hobnob andschmooze. Great."Obama said his hope is that the Iranian leadership will look at thestatement coming out of the G-8 and recognize that world opinion isclear."Naivete that epic is gonna get lots of people killed.If that's what it is.The man is either ignorant of history, blinded by hubris, or in anepic and cataclysmic exercise in al taquiyyah, consciously underminingthe West for the cause of Islam. ==============================

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