Tuesday, August 04, 2009


CLICK ON ARTICLE SUBJECT/TITLE AT TOP TO LINK TO IGOR'S PAGE Igor posted a comment on AntiMullah some time back and in reviewing comments I went to his site and had some good chuckles. As they say, much truth is said in jest, so drop by and say hello to him. Remember to use his links at the bottom of his blog as they link to more satire. Side columns have interesting graphic links to more satire pages. Some anagrams KEITH OLBERMANN - becomes - ENEMA BROTH KILN COLIN POWELL - becomes - PEW! ILL COLON SANDY BERGER - turns to - GRABS RED YEN SENATOR AL FRANKEN - wonderfully becomes - RANK ANAL SOFTENER -WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON - becomes - JAIL MRS CLINTON FELON WIFE -PRESIDENT CLINTON OF THE USA becomes -TO COPULATE HE FINDS INTERNS PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA - becomes - AN ARAB BACKED IMPOSTER The anagram for “Sarah Palin” comes up “La Piranhas” no wonder they fear a bit of their own medicine. Video of Liberal Left Wing Media and Obama supporters in action

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