Monday, August 24, 2009

HEADS UP VISITORS - Freedom of Speech NOT Always Allowed on Blogger But Generally NOT Bad Either

MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE CONTACTING EACH OTHER AND US HERE COMPLAINING OF GOOGLE EMPLOYEES MISUSING THEIR POSITIONS AND BLOCKING AND FILTERING (TO REDUCE VISIBILITY ON SEARCH ENGINES) OF SITES FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER - USUALLY THEIR PERSONAL POLITICAL VIEWS WHICH DIFFER WITH THOSE SITES. We were under attack this way for several months some time ago but the bumpy period where posting was made a difficult though not impossible effort has since smoothed away. However, we notice that when connecting to AntiMullah, even we try it ourselves, occasionally receives "Page Cannot Be Displayed" or "Not Found" or something like it. All it usually needs is to do a Page Refresh (click on the Refresh icon on your browser) and the page will almost always appear. So enjoy our site which has its own viewpoints and if need be, agree to disagree with each other and with our efforts to point out items on an educational basis and to offer our opinions as an alternative to opposing views out there. We have good contacts on Iran matters so often have news or facts you will not easily find elsewhere, certainly not in English. And even some of our Farsi articles on Multilingual are exclusive or not widely posted. At times we get distracted with life duties/obligations and do not post on every one of the eight Sections but rarely fail to put something new up on the Main Page, even if it is simply a humorous item or video. We are not funded by anyone, nor any group or organisation and your visits are our satisfaction, specially when they arrive from some 70 nations around the world. Be happy, be well.

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