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Am I writing about Islamic Iran or about America? What do you think? Other than the Iranian Mullah control of dissent with bloodshed, similarities are deafeningly apparent - for those who have the experienced eyes to see them. If like most Americans you are born, live and die within about 25 miles of your birthplace, you may not have the life experience nor studies of the world, to recognize that what is happening in Iran is a precursor , though still in diluted, infant form, of what is happening to us here in the USA today. Are your life experiences in a politically "sheltered" environment in the USA and a concern with local rather than national matters (till they hit you locally) enable you to deal with the socializing of America? Do you actually know what Socialism represents? What it looks like, feels like, imposes? Or as is now the case with the generally looney (in my opinion) advisors and "above the law" czars, who report only to Obama, who has stated that as an equal branch of the government, and by inference above the laws of Congress, he has the right to implement ONLY those aspects of laws passed by Congress with which he agrees or chooses to follow that we are hurtling like lemings over the cliff, enthusiastically enciuraged by Obama. Remember he told us in campaign days to judge him by the company he keeps or would keep. Deceptively also asking us to ignore the company he kept in his childhood, formative years and as a Chicago hardball, Mayor Daley community organizer. Take a look at the Nazi type advisors he has around him who say life is only worth keeping depending on your degree of humanity and ability to envision a future, starting at the earliest at the age of "twoish". And retaining viable status from the age of bout 14 to 40. Anything before or after could be removed for the good of the "elite" age groups. These advisors, who academically and philosophically propone some weird mind sets of social engineering, are the ones behind his Health Care policies, which he couches in deceptive lies to hide teh reality of the rsults we would face. Would you recognize this as being the mirror image of Communist dictatorship that existed in the Soviet Union and continues to exist in Communist China, Castro's Cuba and Chavez' Venezuela (to name those most easily recognized but not the only ones)? Do you recognize the difference of what you feel is right being that in Sociallism/Communism - or the Khomeini, Communist playbook based personal version of Velayat Faghih "Islam" (rule of the theocracy) being that in those systems, the people receive from their government (or in the name of Allah) whatever it wishes to bestow upon them, and decides what is best for them. Obama puts it as "get out of my way and let me do what you need" (you infantile idiots) and do not dare oppose me. Supreme Ruer Khamenei would echo those sentiments. And punishes them - usually violently and lethally - for disobeying the Party or Allah line. Government power - in Communism/Socialism or Islamic Sharia driven rule becomes virtually unlimited as laws (as far as they go) are administered by government agents and judged by government affiliated judges. China executes people for not following guidelines, not necessarily breaking a specific law. And Islamic Sharia judges override any civil laws which may or may not exist and cannot be confronted or challenged as this confronts Allah! A couple of days ago, Islamic Iran executed two rapists. Wow? No, not the rapists who deny food and water, brutally beat, torture and rape student demonstrators - male and female - but two dissidents accused of any crime a clerical court wishes to slap on them for public consumption, where even attorneys are not allowed to attend and based on political expediency rather than fact. "We execute rapists" they try to clamor, to quell the protests against the abuses which in one particular case led to the medical desription by hospital staff of a female prisoner's womb and anus "exploding" from the abuse she received. Large bottles, wood clubs, large pipes and other objects inserted into her. Majliss ("parliament") Speaker Ali Larijani's brother a middle level cleric from across the border in Iraq has just been appointed Head of the Judiciary by Supreme Ruler Khamenei, to demand proof of "ayatollah" Karoubi's increasingly strident accusations of rape and torture in prisons to clerical courts, where he could face short shrift. With Ahmadi-Nejad in the process of trying to unseat the (terminally ill?) Supreme Ruler but favoring son Mojtaba and Majliss speaker Larijani not the usurper President's fan, the new choice speaks volumes of Khamenei trying to stack the deck in favor of his son and disarm the Speaker. In line with this when Karoubi showed up to listen to Rafsanjani's Friday Prayer event a little while back, he was manhandled by Bassiji agents (openly commanded by Mojtaba Khamenei, though he has no formal appointment other than "acting" for his father) tore off his clerical robes and turban and subjected him to extremely vile verbal language. Interestingly, we have one Iraqi origin cleric replacing a very senior Iraqi origin head of the judiciary, till now Ayatollah Shahroudi. Shahroudi and fringe lunatic 12th-er cleric Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi (too radical even for Khomeini in 1979) were instrumental in getting Khamenei into the Supreme leadership post. The abused female prisoner's body was eventually found burned in the desert to avoid signs of the torture being evident to her family or human rights activists. To hide their crimes, the prison torture agents retrieved the body from teh hospital wher she was originally transfered - to hide their crimes. They know the doctors who tried to treat her would never dare stand up to them or face the same handling. Incidentally, Ahmadi-Nejad has replaced almost all the key positions in the Ministry of Intelligence & Security (MOIS) after firing the Minister last week, whose loyalty in the current power struggles was no longer clearly for Ahmadi-Nejad. Perhaps yo heard it here first but Ahmadi-Nejad is in teh process of formulating a revolution to take over from the clerics as a whole and replace power into the hands of his Reolutionary Guard former colleagues, bolstered by support from deadly mercenary forces imported and commanded by Mojtaba, who has also taken over the hardline special troopers handling the supression of the students. Sadism plays a large role in Sharia or Communist governance. Think Soviet Gulags and mental health "rehabilitation" hospitals to which dissenters were sent for long term incarceration for their own good. These exist in Islamic Iran. When Ahmadi-Nejad, alarmed by the sudden prominence of women in potential opposition to him triggered by oppressive dress codes last year arrested 140,000 of them nationwide like cattle in a matter of THREE days, using container trucks as temporary mobile prisons, most were released after a few days and lots of sexual abuse, but hundreds were detained for "psychological rehabilitation and treatment" for their abnormal mental defects of being against the Islamic regime. And with torture and rape to terrorize their families, male and female into not repeating teh dissent of those who were "medically" treated for their own good. Does any of this superimpose on what Obama is doing and planning to do? ACORN oppression and suppression forces, obligatory youth camps for his brown (purple) shirts to indoctrinate them in blind, loyal support for him personally - like a cult and even sending social workers to homes to teach parents how they should think and how to raise their children along the Obama party lines? A one million person Civilian Security Force (250,000 already budgeted and approved) reporting to him directly, not the military but armed and funded at the same level as our military. (Like Ayatollah Khomeini's paramilitary Revolutionary Guard replacing the regular armed forces in Iran, whom he did not really trust to blindly carry out orders to kill anyone who opposed him. Just as Obama has been reportedly pressuring Department of Defence Secretary Gates to change the oath the military swears to the Constitution to swear it to the Presidency insead and thus be unable to refuse an unconstitutional and conflicting order by the President as they have sworn an oath to Obama not to the country. And can be courtmartialled for such a disobedience. Ayatollah Khalkhali, Khomeini's "hanging judge" who executed thousands of the late Shah's senior officers and officials was known for regularly torturing cats to death as an evening pastime because he enjoyed hearing their screams of agony. He complained human victims could not scream the same way to please him. And try he did to make it so. Perhaps karma played a role when he died of cancer. Having perhaps shown you the playing field and some of the players, you might want to connect some of the rest of the dots yourself. You have probably been reading about the rebellion against the recent rigged elections in Iran, which at the desire of Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei (who has in fact abdicated daily rule of the country to his ruthless middle son Mojaba, who attends torture sessions of dissidents) reinstated Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad as president for another few years. Believing that after 30-years of brutal suppression and mind-bending oppression the brainwashed populace, the majority of whom were either not born or small children when Khomeini imposed Velayat Faghih on a generally moderate practise of Shia Islam under the Shah, would not dare oppose his dictates. A mistake that Obama is making here in the United States, based on his miscalculation that the inexperienced, insufficiently educated in history and other countries "we", for the most part, would not recognize his Communistic actions for what they are, UNTIL TOO LATE - thus his huge hurryto pass bills without even having been read - that we would also be guided by our sometmes enforced religious tolerance to accept the insiduously encroaching jihadi Islam, now taking over power in Europe and, under his protection, coming to a neighborhood near you (mostly in city locations but also in jihad terror training camps at some 32 or more locations around the USA) and would be drawn into his power grab trap through naivete and ignorance. Import of thousands of HAMAS and other Palestinian potential terrorists with $900,000,000 funding (when we are out of money for ourselves) only adds to his strike force abilities against us. They would be grateful to him and for the most part obey his orders blindly for getting them out of Gaza, Jordan and other conflict areas and provide them a good life at our TAXPAYER expense. I feel certain he realizes that many of us recognizes his stratecy and tactics but feels empowered by his total power grab to control us - even with some bloodshed when riots hit the streets - that he ignores taht "hiccup" as pat of dong beusiness of destroying America as we know it. Remember, too, the Health Care bill has little to do with Health Care other than as a stalking horse to divert our attention from the total power grab entwined in the 1000+ pages of general concepts in it which will allow him and his cronies to gather information on verythbing about you and your family, to access your bank accounts or other funding and draw on these without your permission le alone consent. Add to this that having bankrupteed the nation, he will control all teh banks and gradually the major industries (automakers are a start), his Pay Czar will set salaries and your income, making you dependent on Obam's generosity. In case you have not noticed, a bill in Congress regulates "private" food growoing, even in your garden. The excuse is for public health reasons but in fact to prevent anyone growing or raing food or even chickens for themselves when he takes over teh food industgry and rations your food to make you dependent again on his generosity. "His" indicates The White House and its so far 34 or so Czars who can regulate any part of your life without congressional oversight or control and without YOUR input. The 2010 national Census wil be controlled by ACORN with BILLIONS of dollars budgets and grants, so control flow of benefits only to THOSE (Blue) States which actively support him and not "Red" States, which oppose him. Furthermore, with the same Billions, ACORN wil also make or break election potential of any Federal or State Congressman or Senator, any city council or municipality candidate and having banrupted all of us, notmay will have the money or the courage to oppose this appocalyptic misuse of our system. Additional money will flow in from illegal international sources as they did for his election camapaign way beyond what anyone inside the USA can match or counter. And lastly, in case you do not already know, various bills have been sponsored in Congress to REMOVE the two term limit on the Presidency. Like Communist Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Obama will rule by decree from the Obama House, no longer the House of the People, as a life term President. And it's a short step to have his wife passed by decree as his successor. Or anyone he cares to appoint. Taking the above clearly obvious power grab in progress, what FACT makes you think this is not hapening and cannot happen? Nothing you have used to analyze or evaluate your life in the USA will still be valid in another six months or so if the current dismantling and destruction of the American way of life continues. Having been there, watched and seen Khomeini destroy Iran and turn it into a concentration camp for over 30-years run by Mullahs, is it any wonder in our opinion Oba-Husein-Khomeini is paralleling his Islamic Marxist-Islamist mentor's strategy and tactics. Many can be put side by side in adjacent columns, not in exact detail but within th econtext of the somewhat different playing fields. Both have the same common denominator: a naive, not very well educated and generally ignorant populace wanting something for nothing and with no idea of the quicksand into which they have stepped by respectively empowering their own Khomeini, who will be be a scourge on them they cannot even begin to visualize nor comprehend. It may already be too late to save our Constitution and our country. WAKE UP AMERICA AND TRY TO ACT TO SURVIVE THIS PLAGUE YOU HAVE SET UPON US WITH YOUR INEXPERIENCED VOTE AND NO SENSE OF THE CHICAGO CORRUPTION YOU CANNOT COMPREHEND AS - UNLESS YOU ARE PELOSI OR REID AND THEIR COHORTS - IT WOULD BE OUTSIDE YOUR NATURAL CHARACTER LIMITS

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