Friday, August 28, 2009


OBAMA SUPPORTER, PEACE OFFICER, SHOWS HOW OBAMALAND USSA (UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA) WILL BE GOVERNED BY OBAMA THUGS IN OR OUT OF UNIFORM. THIS VIDEO SHOWS UNBELIEVALBE TRAMPLING OF OUR RIGHTS ON THE SAY SO OF A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER WHO STATES HE WILL INVENT ANY CHARGE HE LIKES TO ENFORCE HIS POINT OF VIEW. Law? Constitution? What is that all about? I make the rules here! I support O bama and will make sure you obey! Next step - follows in the footsteps of Obama's Islamic Iran Mullah friends and start killing us for insisting on our rights and protesting our stolen freedoms Coming to the "new" America as described by the oficer above. Enforcing Obama worship will soon lead to this here as Mullah worship has done over there. Who else is his million person Civilian Security Force, armed and budgeted at the level of our military have as the enemy? You and me and others who protest the Oba-Hussein-Khomeini power grab and bankrupting of our nation.

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