Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Best answer possible to Oba-Hussein-Khomeini's efforts to suppress dissent by opponents to his plans, which are "needed by the people" whether we want it or not. Oba-Hussein the King decides and we the subjects must obey!
What bull crap spouts from his mouth!
Even Democrats are tiring of seeing him on TV every day, doing a Hugo Chavez mind bend and spouting lie after lie, hoping the naive among us will follow his orders to jump off a cliff.
His minions like Loony Davis want us to be photographed at Town Hall meetings with Congressmen and Senators and then what?
Die under stress or at the hands of ACORN?
Or languish in prison for lèse-majesté (disrespect of the monarch)

Meanwhile they reserve several rows of chairs at the meetings. For whom? For ACORN representatives, there to suppress dissent!!

The Democrats are the Mobster organizers! Not we the furious people.

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