Sunday, August 02, 2009

MULLAHS FEELING FEAR - TURKEY SEIZESf $18.5 BILLION FROM IRAN توقیف ۱۸.۵ میلیارد دلار توسط ترکیه

While the Western & Islamic Iranian Media ignores the story, a Turkish lawyer has claimed that his one person Iranian client, Esmail Safarian-Nasab, has transferred an $18.5-billion treasure from Iran to Turkey through "courier services" - reportedly two truckloads as opposed to the original story of just one. The TWO container-TRUCK loads of "courier services" of US dollars and gold bullion was delivered to Ankara Customs last month. (Watch video below for visuals only unless you speak Turkish) but efforts have been made by Turkey (even denying any money arrived) and some Mullah friendly Press, to confuse/misdirect it with a smallish, intercepted consignment of money and arms sent via Turkey to fund and supply Hezbollah back in October 2008. Interesting that a Turkish lawyer is trying to get it back for his "apparent" one person client, though "it never arrived, never happened"! How did this man acquire this fortune? Or is it Mullah Khamenei and his gang's stolen money? Reminder, the $18.5 billion amount is more than the national budget of many countries and would make a huge difference in Turkey's national budget if the windfall treasure that suddenly landed in Turkey's lap and was confiscated has to be returned. If it never arrived it does not exist and does not have to be returned. Remember, too, that it arrived in Turkey to begin with because there is a very strong Islamic power sector, ready to have a Khomeini type revolution there under US resident, recently pardonned Moslem Fethullah Gulen, who has several million fervent jihadi followers. This treasure appears to be scared Islamic Iran Mullahs moving out money to a safe location. Having withdrawn tons of gold bullion and currency in fear from Swiss Banks in the last 18-months or so, Islamic Iran and its Mullahs, with a rebellion on their hands appears to be doing a Saddam Hussein theft of national treasure and transfering funds and treasure belonging to the people to be hidden in Turkey for themselves and also to continue to fund Hezbollah and other terrorists via Syria. The containers held $7.5 billion in GENUINE $100 banknotes and 20 metric tons of gold. Both truck drivers fled the scene and have not been captured to date. Originally, to improve foreign investment, the Turkish government changed its regulations to allow any amount of foreign currency to enter and be held inside the country. Why is our Mainstream Media ignoring this HUGE treasure out of Islamic Iran? Can you imagine it moving out of Mullah land without their permission at the highest level? Is it part of a deal our Oba-Hussein-Khomeini has made with the Mullah regime in case things go bad for them and they fave to flee? And our MSM continue to run interference for Oba-Hussein?

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