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From one of the dozens of current ads on Craigslist: ORGANIZE TO PASS HEALTHCARE REFORM!!! EARN $10-$15/HR!!! (Los Angeles)

(SO WHO IS HIRING "MOBSTERS", "DISRUPTERS" NOW? TO ENSURE PASSING OF OBAMBI POWER GRAB HEALTH CARE - NOT REPUBICANS AS ACCUSED BUT DEMOCRATS) Now is our chance to make health care work. America’s health care system is broken. Health care costs are spiraling out of control, throwing families, businesses and government into financial crisis. Families are worried their health coverage won’t be there when they need it. Our country can’t afford to wait for health reform that keeps costs down and protects consumers. We can’t wait for affordable, dependable health care. We’re fighting for health care that will protect families’ financial health, lay out a clear path for all Americans to afford health care, and improve patient safety and quality care. You can work for change this summer. Join motivated staff around the country working to make change happen. You can make great friends and money along the way. Earn $4000-$6000 this summer. To apply for a job, visit our website——or call Chris at [213-251-8630.] Location: Los Angeles This is at a non-profit organization. This is an internship job Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster. Phone calls about this job are ok. Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests. PostingID: 1291603530 From the website of the Fund For The Public Interest: Canvassing: Winning campaigns and building organizations one person at a time If you ask anyone who’s canvassed for the Fund in the last 25 years, they’ll probably give you a thoughtful dissertation on the value of canvassing. Any of our more than 50 partner organizations will too, as will leaders throughout the progressive movement. Boiling it down, there are at least five good reasons to canvass: Raise money to fund campaigns and build an organization Sign up members for an organization Educate the public about serious problems and real solutions Build name recognition for an organization and campaign Influence decision-makers And then there’s the profound, positive impact of canvassing on the people we canvass and the canvassers themselves. These impacts aren’t easily measured, but they undoubtedly help lay the groundwork for a healthier, more vibrant democracy. Over 25 years, the Fund has helped over 50 organizations win their campaigns & build their resources. We can help your organization, too. MORE INFORMATION To find out more about the power of canvassing, visit For media inquiries about the Fund and about canvassing, please contact From their ‘About Us’ page: Fund For The Public Interest Fund For The Public Interest is a national nonprofit organization working to increase the visibility, membership and political power of the nation’s leading environmental and progressive groups. The Fund was launched in 1982 to develop campaigns and technologies to engage Americans in public interest advocacy efforts. Through our fundraising and non-fundraising canvasses, we’ve gathered over 20 million petition signatures over the past 25 years and raised over $20 million for our partner organizations in the last year alone. Current Fund partners like Sierra Club and Human Rights Campaign are expanding their donor base and passing tougher legislation against air pollution, forest clear-cutting, hate crimes, and special interest money in politics. We owe our success to the fusion of our staff’s grassroots organizing experience, cost-conscious attitude and work ethic with our partner groups’ issue expertise, initiative and vision. We’re best known for our canvass programs. Over the years we’ve developed the nation’s largest and most effective network for door-to-door and street canvassing—signing up members in high traffic, public places. We sign up sustainers—members who commit to automatic monthly contributions from a checking account or credit card—as well as one-time contributors. We are also one of the nation’s most prolific signature gathering operations. We have pioneered other creative outreach methods, like canvassing at concerts and gay pride festivals. And here is what you are buying: Battle-tested grassroots professionals We provide a variety of services to help our partners achieve their political, fundraising and membership goals. We operate the nation’s largest fundraising and membership canvassing network. We recruit potential activists and volunteers to enhance your advocacy efforts. We run petition drives, qualify ballot initiatives, and register voters. The Fund’s senior management team has over a century of combined grassroots organizing and fundraising experience, and we’re ready to put it to work for you. Isn’t it odd how easy it is to find these organizations on the other side? And yet after all of these years we have heard so little about them. It’s almost as if we don’t have a watchdog media. From one of my southern friends. For those who don't know, there's been a site set up so that we can "snitch" on our friends, family, neighbors, etc. J. D. Hayworth served in the House of Representatives for the state of Arizona. PB Below is the full text of the letter, and here is the link to the original on JD's site: Dear President Obama, et. al. In order to save some time and effort on the part of the minions that you have encouraged to spy on me, I am writing to turn myself in regarding your official White House request for people to contact you and let you know if they have heard any rumors and 'casual conversations,' or seen any e-mails surfacing against your so-called 'health insurance reform' bill. Not only have I seen these things, but I have also forwarded them to everyone in my address book, posted about them on blogs, message boards and Face Book ad nauseam and I have discussed them (out loud!) in public restaurants during dinner parties with my friends and family members. I have exposed the absurdity of your scheme to destroy America over the phone, internet and fax when I corresponded with my duly elected representatives in an effort to let them know my views against this horrific bill so that they can actually REPRESENT me in voting against it. I've signed several internet petitions and joined online groups opposing this travesty! I have actually dared to exercise my FREEDOM of SPEECH, (as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States the last time I looked), in my frequent writings against this bill to deconstruct my way of life. I listen to talk radio. Worse yet, I listen to CONSERVATIVE talk radio with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Congressman J.D. Hayworth. And to top that off, I actually LAUGHED at several jokes that may not have been as politically correct on this issue as you demand, but at least they weren't directed at innocent Special Olympic kids. Oh yeah... Barbara Boxer will be smug to hear from you that she was right about us manufactured mob 'types'... I dress nicely for a member of a mob ~ oh, not as lavishly as Michelle Obama with her $500 tennis shoes that she wears to garden in, but I'm probably a little more presentable than most of the "entitled" thugs in your frenzied mob ~ you know, the poor, disadvantaged and uneducated lazy bums you have inspired to join ACORN to train to be 'professional' agitators. OK ~ I'm guilty as charged! I'm a conservative, pro-life, Jesus loving Christian, blue-eyed, blonde, white woman who owns a gun, belongs to the NRA and is old enough for AARP. English is my only language. I am a patriotic, proven LEGALLY born, tax-paying, hard working used-to-be-before-you-were-elected-and-crashed-the-market 'rich' labeled American small business owner who loves my country with no apologies and I don't bow down to anyone, let alone terrorist dictators. I support the troops, respect my elders (even those over 64), and eat too much apple pie, so there's plenty of me for the health Czar to shun in public. People know who I am. None of my records are sealed. I'm not afraid and don't hide my true self behind LIES or a platoon of highly paid attorneys like you do. I don't appreciate you screwing over America and I'm going to continue to express my TRANSPARENT opinion against your pompous, radical actions in every which way but loose. What the HELL are YOU going to do about it? Sincerely, Deborah

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