Sunday, September 20, 2009


Google is using their filtering technology to create a "forum slide" that puts lots of irrelevant articles at the head of the search results to push items they wish to marginalize "off the radar".

AntiMullah used to come up in the top five or at worst top 10 of searches, now you cannot find recent articles. You get the occasional one popping up "buried" with others from a year or more ago immediately below it.

With at least four of five articles posted every day, how come VERY old articles from years past show at the top of the searches but not new/recent ones?

Come on Google that is censorship by "ommission" and blocklng access to information by filtering it out.

Having someone in the White House as a paid senior advisor does not provide a permit to censor - though total control of the Internet and blocking use of the Internet appears to be on the Obal Office  books with Google leading the charge on providing technology for this and running interference currently on search filters..

A bit like Nokia and Siemens providing Islamic Iran with ways to monitor their populace's cell phones, Internet messaging and Email and phone call users. Good for the Mullahs but not the bloodied populace that paid with their lives, torture and even greater repression of their freedoms. And is still paying.

It is now almost impossible to sell a Nokia phone inside Islamic Iran. Nobody will buy one.

Are you not seeing an eerie similarity with the boiling up inside Islamic Iran, despite repression and censorship  against their regime with a similar roiling of waters and increased resistance inside America to our current ruler and his czars?

What you appear to be doing so assiduously resembles what a friend of mine, who was in Iran during the major protests about the elections, described when I asked what had been going on.

If you live in the more affluent northern part of Tehran, as that person did, you had no idea there was anything happening at all inside the country, not just Tehran. The Islamic regime radio and TV reported nothing on the hundreds of thousands in Tehran or other cities who hit the streets, nor the clashes unless you physically drove down toward the University area.

You, Google, are huge and we Bloggers are tiny but if a change occurs as it appears may well happen sooner than later on the political scene, your anti-"we the people" position may come back to bite you.

The so-called MainStream Media does the same thing and blantantly refuses to address or print  major stories like the ACORN and SEIU matters and are losing readership like plummeting rocks. 

They are also small compared to Google but may present food for thought of reactions that would meet a future Google playing field.

Why not side with the "we the people"?

The current administration, despite actions to change the Constitution and laws to allow it to be there forever, lording it over a miserable American populace which has been thrown into a miserable life full of hardships, which you are encouraging to happen by blocking information from reaching the people and by facilitating disinformation with your triage WILL NOT BE THERE FOREVER.

All based on YOUR selective tastes and preferences, ignoring that these are not the same as that of over half the country now has and increasingly disagrees with yours.

At least ease back so as not to skew reality to unrealistic proportions.

Let our Blogger opinions out of the technology shackles you are clamping on us.

Reminds me of the advertising showing a red rectangle and a small bicycle. A helmeted child is asked if she would like to ride the bike but is stopped from riding outside the marked rectangle without a penalty.

Her protest that she cannot ride a bike in that restricted space is met with the response that she can - "but not very far". Google is doing just that.

There will be a world (hopefully) after Obama, where such actions will be remembered - as with Nokia in Islamic Iran.

As you can see from recent events, nobody is too big to fail. While it may seem that being close to the center of Obal Office power is the best place in the short term, it may not stay that way down the road. Penny wise, pound (or dollar) foolish?

Americans may or may not hold long term grudges but they do remember. You may knock some Bloggers off  the Internet or incapacitate/limit their efforts to offer a differing viewpoint from yours to a broader audience - even though you allow them to exist.

 Back in 2008 you "extinguished" some HALF MILLION hits on a Graphic unfavorable to Obama.

I'm not the only one who has noted that Google systematically eliminates any unfavorable data relating to 0bama.

Other than overt intensity what is the difference between your actions and the Iranian Mullahs' repressive policy?

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