Monday, September 07, 2009


In his planned speech to the very young students of America. Oba-Hussein uses the work "I" 56 or so times. Again. it is all about him, the Narcissist!
Even more more distressing to some is Oba-Hussein-Khomeini sending a second letter to the Mullah leadership, Iranian sources report, to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei (whose 44-year old son Mojtaba runs ruthless security and suppression in his father's name and is Ahmadi-Nejad's ally) and addressed this Mullah usurper - who like Obama has never been eligible to hold the top position - as 'ESTEEMED FATHER"!
(Perhaps as an ass-kissing reference to Mojtaba, the center of real Khamenei family power)
A sign of respect equal to his bow to the King of Saudi Arabia.
But it as Ahmadi-Nejad who responded to it with a "get lost" and "keep out of our business" type of brush off.
Apparently, Obama only has courage when he attacks the well being of Americans, who are far more restrained than the Mullahs in Iran.

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