Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Tehran's main cemetery, traditionally called Behesht Zahra (Prophet's daughter Zahra) has been renamed by the populace as Behesht Neda (murdered by a Bassiji).

Before the Khomeini Velayat Faghih (Theocratic Jurisprudence) take over of Iran, the cemetery covered an area measured in city blocks.

Today, it stretches for miles and miles and miles! No exaggeration. Filled with bodies of people killed by Khomeini and his bloodthirsty Mullah regime. They number over one million, if we count those killed in the 8-year Iran-Iraq war.

And Obama supports the Mullah regime leadership, addresses Supreme Ruler Khamenei in a recent letter as "esteemed father" (of what?) - the bloody killer son Mojtaba?

Our narcissist can gain or get nothing from the Iranian people who are dying to get freedom into the ir lives - but can get money, manpower and votes from the leadership.

He knows that the Iranian people as a whole will no longer support him after he threw them under the bus and licked Mullah ass - demeaning not only himself but our American nation he appears bent on destroying with a hate filled passion.

But the Mullahs will. Mullahs who approach young Iranians in the USA, offering them a well furnished place to live (paid by the Mullahs), a car, an income to enjoy life - just for gathering information for them.

Later this information gathering activity recruits these youths into the Mullah camp to protest anything anti-Mullah with the underlying threat - real or otherwise - that they have broken some American laws and MUST rely on the Mullahs to be safe.

As a general indicator of a couple of formulas used by the Mullahs to pay off their agents, first and foremost (used often to bribe radio and TV broadcasters} has for ever so long been gifting them carpets. IRANIAN carpet sellers in the USA are almost across the board Mullah shills or agents, making money through providing merchandise for this very extensive pay-off formula.

When carpet sales dipped, the Mullahs would buy those carpets in sham purchases - so a free carpet was turned into ready cash for the person being bribed or bought.

Then the need to offer larger pay-offs created a Mullah real estate network, where they bought land or buildings in the names of those they wanted to bribe or buy or as safe houses. A string of Iranian real estate agents appeared to service this need and earn their pay from the Mullahs by the commissions they make on purchases and sales.

Remind you, perhaps, of the Obama family home purchase in the name of a law firm and financed by a crook? With a way over the limit loan from Freddy Mac or Fannie Mae?

One of my favorite sayings comes from a theater movie around the CIA recruitment and training - the trainer repeatedly told the newbie "nothing is what it seems" and to use this as his golden rule when analysing any situation.

With the Obama Administration NOTHING is what it seems and much of it is lies or disinformation - emulating the Mullahs.

Video courtesy Slater Bakhtavar

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