Thursday, September 10, 2009


Reliable sources reported today, Thursday, September 10th at 3:00 PM, that Judge Carter has granted the plaintiffs, the Taitz legal team, “expedited discovery” in the Obama Eligibility Case.

Alan note: Could it be magistrate Judge Nakazato not Judge Carter who has issued the order?

What expedited discovery means:

Under the court ordered expedited discovery, the Taitz legal team will be allowed to force President Barrack Hussein Obama to make public his official birth certificate with the name of the hospital and other legal particulars as well as his school records including how or who paid for his education and other information that the American people have not been allowed to see up to this day.


I don't know what these people are smoking, but when they wrote you that
Judge Carter had ordered expedited discovery they got it EXACTLY backward.

Two days ago the Court issued a standard form order -- the one Judge Carter
uses in every case, setting in standard form language the conference to
schedule discovery for October 5th, but encouraging the parties to
VOLUNTARILY commence discovery before that. This is the STANDARD FORM used in EVERY CASE. (I know I already said that, but I wanted to reiterate it.)

Orly had already filed a motion for early discovery and TODAY Judge Carter
ruled -- and I attach his two sentence order for you to read yourself-- that
the motion be referred to the magistrate for initial consideration, and
vacated a hearing previously set before Judge Carter for next week to
consider the matter.

So....Magistrate Judge Nakazato may rule on expediting discovery later in September, but NO such order has yet been made, and NO discovery can be conducted absent voluntary assent from all sides, until after the scheduling conference on October 5th.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and as I say, don't take my word on
that, read the court's order yourself...its only two sentences.

Please go to Orly Taitz website and contribute to help pay for the legal costs.

"I just got word from Ms. Sweeden, clerk for District Court Judge for the Middle District of GA. We were granted an emergency hearing for Captain Connie Rhodes, MD, flight surgeon, who is scheduled to be shipped to Iraq day after tomorrow on September the 12th.

Capt Rhodes states that she is willing to go to Iraq, as long as she knows that the orders going down the chain of command are lawful orders. We asked this case to be certified as a class action case, as she represents a whole class of plaintiffs situated in similar position.

The hearing will be tomorrow at 2pm in Columbus GA, Federal Building 1201 12th street. Judge Clay D. Land courtroom. Judge Land was gracious and a real Southern gentleman in that he waived the technical requirement of a signature of the local counsel as a contact.

I hope that members of the military and other patriots of this country will be in the courtroom to support Cpt. Rhodes MD. I will be making my travel arrangements shortly".

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Each state and the District of Columbia will be represented by three elected representatives. Nominations for delegates is open now. The delegate election will take place on October 10th.

At its conclusion, the CC-2009 will present the U.S. Congress with a 1st Amendment formal Redress of Grievances accompanied by a deadline and consequences. Remember that a handful of men were responsible for the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of the end of English tyranny

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Tony Dolz
Tony Dolz - Continental Congress

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Bill Walker said...

I have three questions for Mr. Dolz. First, under what authority, other than this is a private meeting of private individuals having no authority whatsoever outside their own group, do you presume to set " a deadline and consequences" for the Congress of the United States?

Second, you state this is not a constitutional convention. Given that all preparations for this meeting have been done in secret, that is a meeting held in May in Georgia not open to the public, how can we trust your word that is not your explicit purpose?

Third, as your organization is on record as favoring scraping the Constitution by opposing the calling of an Article V Convention when mandated by the Constitution as is now the case (see to read the 750 applications from 50 states),how can you say you support the Constitution?