Monday, September 28, 2009


Dr. Orly Taitz: A very good day today
Posted on September 29th, 2009 by David-Crockett

I think all those prayers help. Today I had two of my motions granted.

1. Judge Carter had granted my motion for surreply. I can provide 10 more pages of argument and all the necessary attachments by October 1st.

a number of my supporters and followers have sent FOIA requests for information. It is hard for me to find some of them amongst over 80,000 e-mails. If you had sent FOIA requests and did or did not get answers, please e-mail to me under heading FOIA to dr_taitz

If you send requests for info on tampering with passport records, send those to me.

I need those two FOIA requests of the Selective service certificate. ( I remember there were 2 with different info provided by the government)

I need FOIA requests for info on travel, passport records and other state dep info.

Mr. Ken Allen -I need certified copies from you ASAP.

Mr. Chris Strunk I need certified copies from you ASAP

My buddy Devvy Kidd- I need certified copies from you - particularly from the registrars of the u of Wa and HI (Stanley Ann Dunham’s alma mater in 1961 was U of WA not U of HI)- the copies you sent me weren’t notarized.

I need a certified copy and affidavit from MR. Wilson- about 2 certificates of candidate signed by Pelosi.

Did anyone already send send a FOIA on that one

Will this Miss Trigy provide a cert. copy?

I need an affidavit, FOIA request and whatever you have in re to homicide of Lt. Querles Harris and Donald Young

Any FOIA requests for info from Kapiolani hospital, Queens hospital and S traub clinic?

Mr. Kurt Fuqua-I need you cert copies.

Any FOIA requests on the arrests of Vivek Kundra and Aqair ( according to WA times forged birth certificates were found at the apartment of Aqair - assistant chief of cyber security for Obama)

Any FOIA requests for the unredacted report on the passport tampering.

I will provide more info tomorrow.

2. Judge Land in GA granted my motion to withdraw as counsel. the reason, i had to do it, since Cpt Connie Rhodes was under tremendous pressure, intimidation by the military and department of defense and she stated that she didn’t want to proceed under this pressure. Now I don’t have my hands tied behind my back, I can provide more info, now I can do more on my own behalf.

3. I am submitting today a notice of appeal in FL on behalf of Major Cook . While his orders to deploy were revoked by the military, he was a victim of retaliation and the military pressured his employer to fire him. We are seeking damages. Notice of appeal in GA was already filed.

4. as you know, I came from South Dakota yesterday, where I had a very productive meeting with the community leaders. State House of Representatives Majority Whip has shown interest in working on this matter. I have forwarded documents to him. He will be holding meetings with other legislators this coming weekend

I appreciate all the donations. Those help pay for $450 each appeal form, $400 or so each transcript, $500-600 each airplane ticket and so on.

Special thanks to Donna and Garland Petersen, their twins and grandma Betty (name sake of my grandma) for their great hospitality in South Dakota. I will post the pictures and video, when I get them.

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