Monday, September 21, 2009


In deference to the visiting bloody Iranian Turd in Chief, to New York,  Ahmadi-Nejad, instructions have been given to the tame, boot licking Media to not show any films/videos of the protests and demonstration being held by hundreds of thousands in Tehran and other city streets.

America's Oba-Hussein-Khomeini, the biggest Islamic Iran backside licker wants to avoid disturbing the Turd even to the extent of ignoring the demonstrations and the brave men and women of many ages, who risk not only life and limb on the spot but unspeakable barbarity, torture, rape and degradation for themselves and family members.

What do these selfless youths (mostly youths) who strive for freedom, have to offer narcissist Oba-Hussein?

Nothing, nada, zilch!

Whereas the oil wealthy Mullahs and their  ruthless suppression forces can bring him and his candidates enormous funds (as they did last time), numerous votes inside the USA (as they did last time) and accolades and acclaim from other bloodthirsty jihadists (who still want to destroy America).

Perhaps he feels more comfortable with his destruciton of America as we know it when he receives this kind of  "hurrah" from anywhere he can get it.

The stench of the Oba-Hussein administration is so strong, the stink of throwing the freedom seeking young Iranians under the bus - as the expression goes - (remember we get visits from 70 countries not all of whom speak good English nor know our slang) is barfely noticeable - specially when concealed by teh tame Media.

The American Oba-Hussein-Khomeini pretends not to see the bloodshed by the Turd and his Palestinian mercenaries - several thousand imported by Mojtaba Khamenei, the Supreme Ruler's son directly from Palestinian prisons withthe priviso they should be the worst of the worst murderers and felons.

This selective blindness can be seen with Oba-Hussein's comment that he was not really aware that ACORN was receiving federal funds from our taxes.

I suppose he thought that his camapaign's donation of $800,000 ACORN to balance out the debt of the same amount to the IRS was not tax payer money.

EXCEPT - Oba-Hussein conveniently forgets that he has made ACORN eligible to some EIGHT BILLION Dollars in Feeral funds in the Stimulus and other hand outs.  Repeat, EIGHT BILLIION Dollars at the disposal of ACORN.

An ACORN that is corrupt beyond imagination. As is the current Oba-Hussein administation and its lunatic czars.

They are hell bent on destroying America as are the Mullahs and other Islamic jihadists of multiple nationalities.

Want an example? The South California  major "bread" basket of the nation (actually more fruit and vegetables) has been turned into a dry, wasteland dust bowl by Oba-Hussein-Khomeini refusing to order water bein gturned on for the vast farming area because it would endanger a local two inch fish/minnow. So let us starve much of the nation by cutting off the supply that used to come from there, have over 20 million people in the area out of work - and STANDING IN FOOD LINES to survive - because the survival of a two inch fish might be endangered!

Want another? In the same vein but other side of the same coin, teh lunatic czars are proposing to DESTROY two major dams - no kidding - destroy major dams - to protect a larger fish called salmon, which the dams prevent from reaching their upriver breeding grounds.

The resulting destructive flooding , the loss of  electricity power generated by the dams, the huge financial costs involved are irrelevant in the face of an excuse to destroy America as we know it.

Just like the Health Care plans, where we are throwing some 200 million into harm's way and at least $4,000 a year "penalty" cost increase, (note the excise tax terminology in the new Baucus bill has been quickly revised to be called "penalty" not tax) Oba-Hussein does so to "repair" the need of about 17 million, yes only SEVENTEEN million truly uninsured or uninsurable people, just aas he refuses to build larger, improved stepped salmon runs beside the dams and wants to tear the whole darned dam down.

Back to the original intent, before we got lost in the all consuming insanity of Oba-Husssein and his czars, below is a video of a protest group in the 7th Tir Square, where the somewhat scattered demonstrators were attacked by the Bassiji Suppression Forces BUT were attacked back by the protesters, put to flight and some of their motorcules set on fire. (Bassijis  move around on motorcycles for greater mobility in the often jammed vehicle traffic in Tehran and other city streets).

There are some others on the Multilingual Section/Page. We need to support the oppressed people of ISLAMIC Iran and splash/spread this one and others all over the Internet.

Any wonder that Oba-Hussein wants to take over and bail out the Dinosaur Newspapers, which he controls and legislate direct CONTROL by HIM of the Internet and Blogs, which he does NOT control. Except by taking away the Internet fromus and only allow those Blogs he likes.

Having senior Google executive presence in the Obal Office or Obama House has already set the stage with reportedly new software to do this. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid eagerly provide legislative support with new laws.

People already accuse Google of burying any Blogs that post anything Google management does not like so it does not appear at the top of search engines.

Below the protest video and putting Bassiji to flight is a protest song, in Persian. On the main page for every visitor to view and "feel" though not necessarily understand linguistically.

آهنگ دلجو


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