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This writing has taken on a life of its own as I began perusing the strategy and tactics Oba-Hussein-Khomeini has used in the USA to take control of all aspects of our lives and make us dependent on him and his "red" (not Red State but Red Communist) team increasingly sinking claws and tentacles into our lives, our children and our future. Very similar to the Ayatollah Khomeini Soviet playbook, power take over of Iran in 1979 and the Soviets' 13 urban guerilla tactics psychologists operating out of the Soviet Embassy in Tehran prior to the final collapse of the enlightened Monarchy! Similar to the final collapse of our culture, economy, customs and freedoms in the USA right now. And - as in islamic iran, replacing something with all its faults, with a HORRIBLE replacement that has destroyed the country and the people.
The Iran Khomeini and the USA Khomeini strategy has used the same ploys:
1- Destroy the current economy to prevent it continuing to support any opponents. All in the name of the poor and the oppressed - Class warfare.
2 - Destroy/disable major industry (specially the motor vehicle ones) for the same reasons. In the name of the oppressed workers.
3 - Crash the banks and financial institutions so people lose access to funds and earning from investment that could be used against you.
4 - Confiscate (in Iran) possessions and property of those who oppose you; in the USA saddle them with horrendous taxation to destroy them.
5 - Reward and strengthen your supporters by giving them sweetheart deals from the property or industries of the dispossessed. (USA - Special Mortgage deals, Unions, ACORN, Islamists, Far Left radicals etc., Brazilian friend, owner of Oil there, E-bay Iranian owner, school friend, to sell GM cars (!) on this garage sale auction site, ban oil drilliing so Saudi and Brazil can sell oil to you and stop teh bleeding this causes to the economy)
6 - At the same time suck up all revenues of the country into a budget only you can divide up AT WILL and without formal formulas or restrictions. AND irreparably DESTROY the economy so only YOUR Islamic or Communist system can exist, which reduces everyone to the lowest common denominator = zero.
7 - Offer free everything to the people to encourage their support (in Iran, utilities, housing, cars, color TV's, refrigerators, a share of the oil revenues - enough not to have to work another day etc.)
8 - Immediately set up a Youth Movement (in Iran, originally naive Bassiji Suppression forces of village youths, who would believe anything they were told - now imported ruthless mercenary Palestinians and other Arabs, many from prison populations - to enfoce your will) - in the USA the bainwashing compulsory indoctrination camps of all youth.
9. Set aside the regular military and replace them with paramilitary forces - better funded, equipped and armed than the military you are sure you cannot trust to obey you blindly (in Iran the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - IRGC) - in the USA the million person Civilian Security Forces, reporting to you and allegiance to you not the Constitution.
10 - Suppression Forces (Bassiji in Iran) ACORN, Black Panther and similar in the USA, providing them immunity from prosecution - Attorney General Holder refused to prosecute clear cases of Obama supporters' like these and Unions like SEIFU.
11 - Martial Law and restriction of movement - in Iran they had check points at all major intersections in major cities and curfew enforcement at night and on all freeways at each little town. USA - Obama is training 80,000 military personnel as martial law specialists to which he can add some 250,000 of his Civilian Security Forces already being processed and budgeted.
NOTE: Having been involved with military martial law administrators, let me say that 80,000 people and curfews can control/restrict huge urban populations. A city the size of San Fransico can be managed by as few as about 500 trained specialists, when live fire may become used.
Not every inch of a city or the nation needs to be controlled at the same time. You address critical areas or neighorhoods of high "opposition" with patrols, and DUI type check points and arrest at will into mobile jails.
Rural areas can mostly be ignored as immediate threats and if somethihng builds up you send in the brown shirts (Obama color seems to be a dark blue or purple) or your armed Civilian Security Forces.
12 - As in islamic iran, you control, monitor and limit or cut off all communications channels like broadcasting (TV or radio), the Internet, Emails etc., and if push comes to shove from your opponents you use laws you have passed by simple voice vote through your tame Legislative bodies to take over and CUT OFF all these, again at will, on your own say-so.
LOTS MORE SIMILARITY EXISTS BUT THIS IS GETTING TOO LONG, and ...... FIRST keep your children home from School on September 8th, 2009 when Obama will broadcast his propaganda to all US public schools SIX YEAR OLDS AND UP at 12:55p.m. Eastern time - it's not just the broadcast but a set of homework type essays on how to serve the Obama Fuehrer as his slaves and agents.
Specially when Obamabot teachers combine with the Oba-Fuehrer to help brainwash the children on his behalf with total disregard of their parents' views. As seen in the video below.

With this kind of local Oba-Hussein Regime LUNATIC propaganda news coming at us virtually 24/7, is it any wonder that we have so often placed the just "bloody CRAZY" Islamic Regime news on a back burner? Instead of the fanatical jihadi, anti-freedom islamists in Iran, we have fanatical black anti-freedom Racists like (don't call me a Czar) Van Jones formally advising Oba-Hussein here with as much fervor and restrictions on those he does not like as the Mullahs. Some comments from the Internet: "Obviously Obama is waging a political war against "white people". By "white people", he means who? Oh, never mind, Obama says he knows one when he sees one". (Vaguely in his mirror?) "A communist viper. An ex-con. A racist. A perfect Obama choice". "Communists like us foment racial hatred. Van Jones is playing his part. We must turn American against American to reach our goal of complete power. We are not afraid to say this, it is our battle cry. Americans cannot understand the attack they are about to receive from within their own gov't. Obama will bring back the Terror of Stalin as planned for many years. He just happens to be in place at this time. We control the schools, unions, the courts, the congress, and now the presidency". "You are counting out the South and Midwest, we populate the majority of the US Army, and we all have guns. You bastards will see a hell of a second Civil War, and this time the troops wont march into the south and fire on us, they will fire on the communists and fascists in the Blue states". Alan Note: now is it clear to all of you why Marxist-Islamist Oba-Hussein-Khomeini wants a One Million Person Civilian Security Force (reporting directly to him and only him), "funded, equipped and armed as well as our military" to be formed ASAP? "I'm not sure, but I think that he (Van Jones) is supposed to be part of Hope and Change". (See what I mean by local matters usurping original news of a bloody, brutal nature? With little differentiation - for now - till bloodshed hits our society as Oba-Hussein tries to protect his Marxist-Islamist take over of the USA WITH A SIMILAR FORCE OF ARMS AND BRUTALITY). After viewing the short video, read about the intended subject matter. Actually not, listen to the two Audios offered by Glenn Beck, below the video, then go to important international islamic iran news that is blood-thirsty, brutal looney but NOT as lunatic as Van Jones and his Oba-Hussein Regime leadership. What's the real difference - other than the precision of an Islamic insistence on the rights of Clerical Jurisprudence to govern (invented by Ayatollah Khomeini) compared to the Leninist, rabble rousing mouthings of Van Jones and the other 44 LUNATIC LEVEL Czars Oba-Hussein-Khomeini has put in place in the USA? To achieve our destruction! For instance cutting NINETY PERCENT of water supply to California farmers to protect a tiny fish. Food prices without this water will sky-rocket, humans will go hungry as food becomes less and less affordable, farmland will dry out to dust bowls - BUT this is OK - as long as the minnow survives! Yes, OK in the Oba-Hussein plan to bfring th eUSA to its knees and into obligatory OBEDIENCE if we want to have food RATIONED out to us to save us from starviation he creates. Iran's Khomeini immediately implemented food rationing and only allowed a few items to be offered at each widely dispersed, not very numerous locations. Partly because of shortages but mostly because having family members lining up (with ration coupons/cards) with long waits for half a chicken or a bit of cheese or a loaf of bread or a pound of meat, meant everyone was so involved with getting enoughto eat on a daily basis that they could not be concerned with any political (anti-revolution) activity. This, like the Oba-Hussein power grab strategies, came straight out of the Soviet playbook in Iran, directed out of the Soviet Embassy in Tehran and implemented by the Marxist-Islamist groups like the Mojaheddin (MEK), the Fedayeen and Islamic allies, Hezbollahs, co-opted to hide the true puppet masters and persuade the religious populace to join in. Does nobody in America see the parallels? Are we so ignorant of the Soviet and Communist eras in Russia and East Europe? View, listen and judge for yourselves. Go to libraries and read up on Soviet overthrow of the Tsars, the "populist" claims like Van Jones'. Of tactics and strategies used in Iran to insert Khomeini into power with intense help from Jimmuh the moron Carter. Often called the best Soviet President America ever elected! CONTINUED Jones was the leader and founder of a radical group, the Communist Revolutionary Organization Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM. STORM's official manifesto, titled, "Reclaiming Revolution," had been published on the Internet AND LATER SCRUBBED CLEAN AND THE SITE REMOVED). [Link to STORM Manifesto before removal] Review of the 97-page treatise found that the manual describes Jones' organization as having a "commitment to the fundamental ideas of Marxism-Leninism."

By no means finished with many aspects of the Khomeini islamic regime in Iran and what is happening in the USA under Oba-Hussein-Khomeini, I can only point out that the main cemetery in the capital city of Tehran, long known as Behesht Zahra (the prophet's Daughter) Paradise, has expanded from the size of a few blocks at the time of the revolution, into a virtual dead person CITY miles and miles long! Populated also by many sick and himeless, who fight over the shelter provided by overhangs of more ornate memorial stones.

In closing, the PEOPLE have RENAMED the cemetery to Behesht NEDA, Neda's Paradize in homor of the young woman shot and killed by a Bassiji suppression agent for simply being nearby and being mistaken for the sister of an "election protestor" the Mullahs wanted to silence.

Obama will have to emulate the Mullahs sooner or later if he imposes his Marxist-Islamist will and plans on "we the people".

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