Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Attorney Orly Taitz who has received death threats for her case asking Obama to prove he is eligible to be in the White House, added Lucas to the witness list and pleaded with Judge Carter to swear in Lucas and take down his testimony - IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENED TO HIM! She fears that Obama supporters might kill him to kill the case.

While realizing, incidentally, that Judge Carter now has a target pinned on him for taking on the Obama Eligibility case, what you may not know about him: - he is used to being a target and had 24/7 bodyguards when he took on the Mexican Mafia in a case before his bench.

A background of combat Marine, who was at the notoriously dangerous battle(s) of Khe San in Vietnam, embellishes his courage and ability to face danger with resolve.

Many people I know fervently say "God bless and protect Judge Carter!"
I say: "it all started with Jimmuh the idiot Carter some decades ago - to where the name Carter became a pejorative. Now Judge David O. Carter may end up saving America and restore that name he carries with deserved pride to one of ubiquitous respect and honor.

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