Saturday, September 12, 2009


With all the oppressive force and power grabs in islamic Iran (with countless, bloody deaths) and by the Oba-Hussein-Khomeini (arrests, perhaps deaths of the population) quite likely in the pipelinehere in the USA,  I have come to a personal realization for the umpteenth time that:

"I prefer to die on my feet than live on my knees!"


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Breaking it Down

In the last week or so, we have struggled with the best ways to present the big picture threat analysis so that Free People would know what their next best move might be—its seems to be the heartfelt cry of many. Make no mistake people, if you have NOT YET changed your daily routine, it may take another 9/11 event to wake you up to the new reality and DO SOMETHING that makes a difference for you and your family.

So to recap:

1) The Fascist Want to Close the Deal. Their power is top heavy so they will play some tricks on the public in order to extend their reach through to the county/local level. This means they want to keep you like a mushroom OR in enough fear that they can move behind the scenes gathering the support and strength they need from every corner (including international/foreign troops).

Remember our law enforcement and military are NOT inclined to obey outrageously unconstitutional orders unless they feel the time dictates it because the people are looting, killing and such as they were after Katrina. FEMA, just two days ago, revised their plan for the July 27, 2009 NLE Exercise to state that it would be training for Martial Law using troops from the UK, Canada, NATO, Mexico and International. You can check their website. As some have stated, this is NOT an EXERCISE; it is an INVASION (see We have been saying as much here ourselves.

2) It is ALL Controlled Opposition—not Progress. Anybody fighting the battle at the National Level is wasting their time if they think they can change anything in Washington. All of Congress, the Courts and the Cabinet level Departments have all been bought out (some individuals are helping us the best way they can with information) and fear for their lives and their family’s lives if they don’t stay in line.

At the national level, the media is their most powerful tool. They use it for disinformation, control, distraction and psychological operations to the masses. They are using their supra-national Czars to merge all areas of government into one cooperating organism focused on their mission to close the “Deal”—that is to be able to enforce totalitarian control. And right when they REALLY want you to turn away from what they are REALLY doing, they throw you a BIGGER bone or two to keep you chewing contentedly.

Like just today, Rush Limbaugh mentions the Birth Certificate again. So? All that should prove to you is that this has to be a powerful group to put Soetoro in there with no real documents proving his birth details AND his eligibility for the Office. Or what about the other bone from Ron Paul today as hyped on the Alex Jones show, 209 votes for the Audit the Fed Bill. Big Deal! What good does that do now that they have absconded with our gold, money and mortgaged our futures out to countries that would rather see us all dead/defeated/starving/under their control than pay it back! They don’t want FIAT money. They wanted the rights to our land the chance to invade it under a Usurper President.

So Which Things do they need the Most to Close the Deal:

1) They need foreign troops. Personally, I have met 3 German troops at a Gun Show in Southern California. Many others have told me they have watched the government bring in more and more foreign troops over the last 15-20 years. Exactly how many? I don’t know. And the national number of them doesn’t mean much. The number within easy striking distance of YOU is what matters right now.

2)  They need you focused on things that don’t interfere with their movements. Like watching “American Idle”—yes, I did spell that right. As long as you are idle, doing nothing, you won’t interrupt their plans. If you are still following Ron Paul, even better. Sure, they want you to think he’s a big threat to them because then you think you are accomplishing something good for the cause.

Ron Paul is trying to spend all that campaign money you raised for him in the best way he can—leading a charge down a slippery slope (no, you are not climbing the summit, but rather being led to the slaughter if you are still hoping he can save you). I love him, too, but if he thinks he can lead you from Washington, he is sadly mistaken. Give it up and start to look to your County Sheriff. Give up worshipping leaders, lobbyists, etc. and start thinking for yourself. If the first Reformation was about getting rid of the Religious “Intercessors” or Middlemen, let this Reformation be about GETTING RID OF THE POLITICAL and JUDICIAL INTERCESSORS—Lobbyists, and Lawyers!!

3) They need County Sheriffs, County Governments, State Legislatures and State Governors who have been bought out with Bailout money to open the gates to their States and Counties so the Fascist Government entities (specifically Department of Homeland Security as the top echelon for security and enforcement) so they can move at will among the populations.

4) They need to co-opt as many people living in each city and state as possible to their side. That includes that roughly 60% of the population of the nation that works for the Federal or State governments. If your state is a Blue State, you have roughly 60% of the folks unwittingly voting for the Fascists because they don’t want to lose their paychecks, medical insurance, retirement, etc. Then we have the Fascist government calling for Amnesty for all Illegal Immigrants. This will bring over many additional Hispanic votes to their side as well—legal or illegal.

Then they have the folks in the “media” who aren’t on official government payrolls, but clearly are controlled by them. How about other workers who belong to Unions, but are not State employees; like United Auto Workers, Teachers Unions, Actors, Writers Unions in Hollywood, Healthcare Workers Unions, Sanitation Engineer Unions and I’m sure you can name many more in your area.

With California being one of the worst cases for types of populations that support the Fascists, we are looking at 80% of the population. Not too good if you are pro-Constitution. The fact is the Fascists are NOT going to take care of these folks any more than they are Free People who see what’s going on, but they don’t understand anything that’s going on around them anyway—“American Idle” comes to mind.

5) This list is probably sufficient beyond the usual things they Federal Government has controlled since its complete hijacking in 1913—banking and monetary system, taxes, military industrial complex and, now the media and online technology enterprises. They control access to oil (by design), our power grid and many other essentials for daily living. As we speak, they are planning the take-over of all our waterways.

So Everyone Wants to Know What to Do to Stop the Tide Against Us:

We have pretty well laid it out at, but it doesn’t seem to be totally sinking in yet for folks. So I will try to lay it out here for you the way in which we arrived at our 12 Action Statements.

First and foremost we need to do a Local Risk/Threat Assessment for every neighborhood and County. You can do this for your own location. The idea is to determine at what level of organization can we count on for our security. We are not advocating any violence until it is required to protect yourself as you see fit. Security must be placed ahead of organization to fight ANYONE. They WANT us to rise up, it will be so easy for them to then make our law enforcement and military afraid of their own citizens.


1) Acknowledge Washington has been taken over by International Interests (Global Elitists, NWO, International Offshore Banks, etc.). This was a Hostile Takeover even if many in our Government actually cooperated with it. But what this does mean is you can’t be sure anyone is going to be able to shoot down nukes from North Korea and Iran. The International Interests behind Obama’s illegitimate election may WANT these attacks on our country for their own purposes. So we need to prepare for these things without help from Washington.

That’s not to say there is not some good soul in the mix that will sacrifice their life at that moment and shoot it down, but we can’t take that chance. Let’s face it. We don’t know who the real power is behind Obama and what they are capable of. So we need to defend ourselves.

2) Determine the direction your State Government is taking. Are they cooperating with the Fascists regarding security, budget, etc. Is your state Red or Blue? If they are Red, are they showing signs of asserting State Sovereignty? Keep in mind, States matter less than your County. As we have seen recently, any attempt made by a state to resist the decisions being made in Washington can, and likely will be, over-ridden the Supreme Court, placing the states at the mercy of the federal government.

3) Have you spoken to the Sheriff, eyeballed him and asked if he will defend the Constitution? Barring this, what do his actions of the last year show you? Does his Sheriff’s Station have a Liaison Deputy from the Department of Homeland Security? Did they need to take Federal money to keep more Sheriff cars on the street? If you live in a huge county, like Los Angeles County, you may need to know how the City Police Departments are leaning.

They can just as easily take unfavorable action against you as well as the Sheriff. They can plant evidence, turn over jurisdiction to the Feds/DHS, etc. and not defend your Constitutional rights allowing SWAT teams at your door if you don’t cooperate.

4) Do you know anyone in the local Constitutional militia? Getting in touch with them can be difficult right now, but you can try. A Sheriff who decides to defend his county folks from the tyrannical Federal and State governments can call upon these militias in the event they are needed at the County line to keep out foreign troops. He can deputize them all. This is the real use of the militia.

But if the Sheriff is a lost cause, the militia may be your only line of defense. Ask around discreetly at places they might need to go—very discreetly or they won’t talk to you. If you can’t find them in advance, don’t worry, if the sh** hits the fan, you will be able to join them in good time.

5) What about the actual neighborhood you live in? Do you know others who share your concern? Can you make plans in the event of Martial Law: scouting a vantage point, early warning, phone chain, etc? How about preparing a flyer to place on the windshield of every car in your neighborhood one night directing them to a website where they can find some answers for what to do if they call Martial Law. Look for some ideas at as we are considering how to accomplish this far and wide. We will post some flyer suggestions you can print and distribute. You can list our website and a local one you create just for local emergencies. We will keep up the alerts everyone reports to us.

6) So once you know which level of preparation and security you can trust, you then know which level to focus your attention to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. If your county will not support you and you live in an urban area, it would be smart to relocate, if at all feasible. If your county will support you, put your full effort into identifying underground locations for the entire County in the event of nuclear fallout.

Identify water sources and how you can protect them. Identify your medical folk’s homes so you can connect with them in times of need. Secure sensitive areas in your county: power stations, telecommunications hubs, water, food storage, farms, etc. Anything your county may need in order to be self-sufficient or in order to protect itself in the event of an attack on it: nuclear power plants, chemical plants, etc.

7) If you have no help at the county level, but have a portion of the county favorable to defending itself, set up plans for a separate government when the time comes to launch it openly.

8) If all else fails, make do at your own home and on your own property. You must be a fortress or an island depending on your geographical location. Be sure to have food, water, medical supplies that your life depends on.

Once you have determined which level of security you can best achieve, you can then begin to focus on the ways to frustrate their “needs” list. For instance, find out about the 200 Closed Bases/Regional Airports that are in your state or within a 200 mile radius. Then begin collecting as much intelligence on those locations as you possibly can. Compare your information to that of others in your area (at the level of security you deemed appropriate).

Find any militia types that you can to join in with and provide them whatever resources you can. Even if you don’t own a gun, there are ways to assist their efforts: food, water, intelligence, psychological operations in your community as necessary to protect your citizenry or to hurt the foreign troops efforts. Look for “obstacles” you can put in the path of anyone entering your safe “perimeter” (home, neighborhood, city, county).

Talk to as many folks as you feel safe discussing things with so you can increase your numbers for greater security and monitoring of sensitive areas. If you want to protect your homestead, everything near you that puts it at risk, falls into your risk/threat assessment. If you CAN NOT secure something stationary that poses a significant risk to you and your family, consider relocating. But take your family with you so they won’t be used as bargaining chips to get you to come back should you become a “target.

Under EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, avoid taking pre-emptive action. It will be a trap for you and for all Patriots. Assume if some other Patriot has taken an action you are surprised by, that it has been arranged to incite you to violence. Stay in close contact with those in your security circle. As the threat becomes more real to naysayers in your area, be sure to reach out to them in advance of their being turned by the Fascists against you. You have plenty of Fascist-turners in your communities—those who work for the governments at all levels. Don’t be suspicious of anyone and alienate them from you or you ensure their turning on you. You, ARE your “brother’s keeper; you are to “love thy neighbor.”

Let’s weather this storm of vicious attacks on our persons, our families, our communities, our liberties with grace. Let’s not stoop to their levels of harming folks and do not think you can appease them. Don’t let them use you to punish others in order to save you and your own family. Let the evil end with them and don’t be a conduit of their evil through to anyone else.

You see, regaining Liberty is EXACTLY like regaining your Christian roots: “Love they neighbor as thyself.” Maybe when we have shown again our diligence to protect all that is good, all that is within your power to protect (your family, your neighborhood, your city, your county or whichever level is the appropriate one for you), we will have restored our Creator as the center of our Nation and Freedom and Liberty will reign again.

Thank God for the opportunity to be an example to all of mankind of the type of nation that could conceive of unalienable rights for all mankind. That is really our greatest way to share God’s message with anyone: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule is our best defense.

You see security, which is thereby Liberty, can only exist at the local level anyway. For Liberty to exist, you must be able to look a person in the eye and know that you share a common goal. Yes, you can find that over the Internet and lose it in your neighborhoods. If you are like Noah, and the only one prepared in your area for the upcoming storm, may your 2 fish and 5 loaves be multiplied as you extend your humanity to others near you.

Anyone who hides in Washington DC behind the camera only presenting to you what they want you to see, holds no real accountability to you. But the person who serves you and has to see you each day in the store, the bank, the church or the school is the one you can hold accountable for your protecting your Liberty because they are counting on you to hold them accountable with your own actions within the community.

Fascism and totalitarian control come in when folks look to a high leader, at first with wonder and awe for their amazing charisma and then suddenly sees the truth behind the façade. By then it can become too late if the same people have forgotten the secret source of their own Liberty—their unalienable rights from God. Let that be your source for Liberty and with that sword of truth you can slay any dragon.

Love thy Neighbor. And Live Free on the Land. What few laws do unalienable rights require between you and a neighbor? What better source for justice than a community of Libertarians who observe unalienable rights in every way. Don’t look for trouble, but prepare yourselves for the attack on your liberties so you might live to see them restored by your own sacrifices today and in the near future.

What cost are you willing to pay for Liberty? It’s not a high price if you secure your own neighborhoods by following The Golden Rule.

2 Ideas for Expanding the Security in Your Own Community:

Move your Tea Parties to the locations in your area where there are Foreign Troops. Let them know that you know they are there. Don’t announce the move until just before. But what good does a rally of 300 people on the Santa Monica Pier do in West Los Angeles, for example? Let the location be a message as well as your presence together.

Put flyers on the windshields of every car across your neighborhood on one night in the next few weeks. Place a provocative message on it with one or two websites to go to that provides them information on how to prevent Martial Law and how to deal with it if it happens—for instance, everyone should blare heavy metal music at them (or maybe something sweet will work better with this crowd) or beat your pots and pans non-stop until they grow weary and leave.

Taking action calms our nerves and makes us feel less like victims. Everyone doing the same thing at the same time is very powerful. In Bolivia, when the women start beating their pots and pans in the morning, the “new” President leaves the residence before nightfall without a drop of blood shed. It’s a powerful message that we will NOT be repressed. But we can only accomplish that together.

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