Thursday, September 03, 2009


As an observer of the Oba-Hussein Administration strategy and tactics, which increasingly seems to misjudge the minds of the American people and bask in the narcissistic glow of accolades from their core admirers and bought supporters, it occurred to me that the choice of Tuesday September 8th to try to hog the national news scene has much to do with another MAJOR event taking place on that date at 8:00 a.m. in Santa Ana, California. Oba-Hussein well knows that most of the nation's schools start on September 9th, so making his message to schools when most are not yet starting CLEARLY shows he is trying to suck the oxygen out of the news cycle with this high-sounding but fraudulent pep talk to empty schools and try to bury the ELIGIBILITY story. Federal District Court Judge, David O. Carter, will begin hearing the Obama eligibility case brought by Orly Taitz on behalf of Presidential candidate Alan Keyes and some 200 military clients, who all demand Obama provide valid documentation to prove he is eligible to be President of the USA and also to be Commander in Chief and issue/approve military orders. President Clinton appointee, Judge Carter, a highly decorated combat Marine, has pledged to prevent procedural ploys to become obstacles to taking the matter to trial. Nor will he reportedly entertain delaying tactics. As a military/naval officer, he is well aware of the legal challenges facing officers and men who carry our orders that could be or are illegal if the Commander in Chief is not eligible to hold that position. Specially now that the Obama administration is showing how perfidious it can be in defending the actions of our men trying to defend us and our land with the purely political attacks on the CIA people who did what they had to do to protect us by getting critically needed information. While a Democrat appointee, Judge Carter, a former Orange County Superior Court judge, is well known for his very measured and even handed handling of cases with the acquired specialty of expertise in handling complex cases. From personal experience I have seen this assiduous (6 am to 2 am sessions if need be) judge refuse any technicality based argument from either side, including the prosecuting US Attorney office and go with his view of fairness and reality - while giving both sides all the opportunity they needed to make their case. He recently handled the final aspects of an eight year long case brought by the Federal Government in various venues in the country, against the MEK (Mojaheddin-e Khalgh) an Iranian dissident group, which in reality was the fuel for the so-called Khomeini revolution and allied their Marxist-Islamist, Soviet run, activities to the Mullahs. The latter stole the revolution from the Soviets and later murdered some 30,000 MEK members they had arrested and killed them without trials, while they were in prisons around Iran. FOX News will reportedly have cameras in the courtroom, which can comfortably seat only about 30 people but the Federal Courthouse has some very capable Technology employees who will certainly be able to pipe audio and video of court proceedings to large jury selection/gathering areas, so several hundred could be added to the on site audience. The school children event may dilute but not blank out the probably very popular Santa Ana event. Do share this information with friends and colleagues.


Douglas J. Bender said...

What? Are you saying that Obama is a calculating liar who tries to subvert justice? How can that be? After all, he's our President. Remember, "he won".

If it turns out that Obama is not eligible to be President, but is an American citizen, he should be tried for highest treason, and judged and punished accordingly. If he is not eligible to be President, but is a foreigner, he should be tried as an enemy of the United States. (Not that I know much about the legal issues and "titles" involved.)

Orly said...

Cameras in a Federal Courtroom? Streaming audio and video of the proceedings? Never happen.

But for the qualifier "reportedly" your post would be utter nonsense. There is no gallery of viewers in a next room.

This will be a straight foward proceeding, Judge Carter will ask Orly if she has followed the rules for court proceedings, she will say "I have 100 Social Security #'s" and like last time, Carter will order Orly to leave and calm down.

When she returns, and is unable to answer a single question competently, Carter will grant her request for discovery and immediately order the State of Hawaii to produce the long form birth certificate, and, oh wait, that's a complete fantasy.

Anti Mullah, have fun explaining to your readers exactly what went down in Carter's court on Sept 8th.

Symo said...

You know, if he does get outsted, the whole world is going to freak. Better start stockin' up on the canned goods...

Nickname unavailable said...

I don't believe cameras will be allowed in the courtroom. Also, I doubt there will be a live feed, or that the court has made any special arrangements for a perfunctory hearing on mundane issues.

Here's what I think will happen:

(1) The court will allow Gary Kreep to represent 2 plaintiffs Taitz tried to dismiss from the case.

(2) The court will deny Taitz's challenge to the Magistrate Judge, who is supposed to hear all discovery matters.

(3) And the court will be satisfied that Taitz has served the defendants. Especially since the defendants have moved to dismiss the case, with a hearing date on October 5. (And, on October 5, the case will be dismissed.)

So, the "action" will take place on October 5, not September 8. To the extent that Taitz is trying to get people to turn out, I am afraid they will be disappointed. Nothing of significance is going to happen.

Jack Ryan said...

"MAJOR event taking place on that date at 8:00 a.m. in Santa Ana, California."

There must be an earthquake coming because there is nothing MAJOR taking place in Judge Carter's courtroom on Tuesday the 8th. Orly is delusional and is misinforming her minions of the events to take place at her hearing.

If she could read and understand the judge's order, that would be quite apparent. There are 3 very simple issues being addressed at that hearing, and one, the service issue, has become moot since a motion to dismiss was filed, and it's highly possible, and would be the proper avenue, for only one to now be heard, that of Drake and Robinson challenging Orly's voluntary dismissal.

A lot of people are going to be highly disappointed, and shoule be very angry at Her Nutness once this is over.

Bob Uda said...

Now that he has revealed his true self and motives, the world will not freak out but will rejoice instead. He is a proven traitor who does not want to defend and protect the United States or our Constitution. His criminal tax evaders in his cabinet and communists, radicals, and anti-Americans in his staff of 37 czars are proof of his desire to turn our country into a European-style socialistic state. The man is dangerous. He will be impeached and convicted in due time. His anti-military and anti-CIA stance is sickening. I was born and raised in Hawaii and his birth certificate looks nothing like mine. The one he had posted on his website was a fabricated, phoney excuse for a birth certificate. The man is dangerous. He MUST be totally exposed NOW!

Bob Uda said...

Another Open Letter to the President of the United States (Part 1)
Bob Uda

Mr. President,

Please get people like Congressman Rangel, NY Governor Patterson, and Prof. Gates to stop using the race card. And please stop using it yourself! It is disgusting to say the least. You are not a Black person. You are half Black and half White. Hence, you are a half-breed or a mulatto. In Hawaii, where I originated, you are considered a hapa haole or half-White person. You should know that … IF you really were born in Hawaii. I was born in Hawaii, and my birth certificate looks nothing like the phony looking one you posted on your website.

The Blacks can no more claim you as a Black man than the Whites can claim you as a White man. If it weren’t for the White vote, you would never have been elected president of the United States. Racism is not a one-way street; it is a two-way street. In other words, Blacks cannot call Whites as racists and consider themselves as free from being also labeled racists. Wrong thinking! What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

So, get those Black “racists” from using the race card. It is getting old and sickening … especially to us minorities. Remember, Blacks are not the ONLY minorities in existence. Blacks and Hispanics are not the only minorities in this country. Asians, Native Americans, Aleuts, Pacific Islanders, and many other ethnic groups are also considered minorities in the United States and throughout the world for that matter. Minorities are not and should not be considered a protected category of people. That is racist to me. WE are all Americans. There should be no distinction among the races or ethnicities. If you are freely going to play the race card, then I and everyone else can also freely play it.

I am an American of Japanese Ancestry or AJA. I am a minority. If you think only minorities can call Whites as racists, then I vehemently beg to differ. Minorities can be racists just as well. As a minority, I consider Rangel, Patterson, Gates, and all Blacks and Hispanics who haphazardly play the race card as racists. And I firmly believe that even Whites can call racist Blacks and Hispanics as racists. So, there! Get all Black racists to stop using the race card, or I’m going to start freely throwing around the race card too. I thought you were going to be a uniter, not a divider as you are.

Now, please get rid of all current or past communists and radicals in your czar-dome (i.e., Van Jones for example). It is unbelievable that we can have a federal government filled with tax-evading, radical leaders who are taking our country down a path to destruction. You all are supposed to be defending our country and Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. You’ve got the fox guarding the hen house! What gives? You create these czars just to get around the vetting process that Congress is derelict in demanding and doing. Czars are only supposed to be in Russia and other such totalitarian countries.

Would you stop indoctrinating our school children to support your radical, extremist policies? I am incensed that you are working on twisting and distorting the minds of our young people. No other president in the history of the United States ever did that. And stop using our tax money to fund the Department of Education, which is conducting this propaganda and indoctrination campaign on our innocent children. Please cease and desist!

Stop pushing your Obamacare Plan (more like Obama-scare), which is dead on arrival (DOA). Get rid of the public option. Please stop taking us down the road to socialistic medicine. I disagree with everything you are doing to turn our great country into European-style socialism. As president of the United States, may I remind you that you took an oath to defend our Constitution, not to cause it to hang by a thread!

Continued on next post ....

Bob Uda said...

Another Open Letter to the President of the United States (Part 2)
Bob Uda

... Continued from Part 1.

Your anti-military and anti-CIA actions are appalling. Everything you have been doing is weakening our national security and aiding and abetting our enemies. Please take a pause from your railroading tactics and think about what you are doing. Millions and millions of Americans cannot be wrong. Their sentiments are no different than mine.

Unlike you, I served in the Armed Forces of our country for over eight years. I am proud to be an American and do not apologize to anyone in the world for what America has done and stands for. Please do not speak for me when you go out and speak anti-American sayings about our great country. You should be our country’s greatest salesman, not our greatest apologist. It just saddens me that you are doing these un-American things. I want you to know, I take great umbrage in the Democrats calling me un-American just because I do not support your ill-conceived healthcare plan.

Additionally, I resent being labeled other such nasty terms by Speaker Pelosi and her fellow Marxist-socialist in the Congress, US Senate, and the White House. You have all called us Astroturf, un-American, evil-mongers, political terrorists, swastika bearers, brown shirts, right-wing extremists, mobsters, unpatriotic, unrepresentative, right-wing loons, racists, right-wing domestic terrorists, Talibani, and many other such disgusting terms that only left-wing extremist liberal democrats, secular progressives, and Marxist-socialists would use. You, she, and your fellow-travelers are “organizing” nationwide groups to counter the natural uprising and revolution of the “sleeping giant.” All of what you are doing appears to be Astroturfy to me.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, please start getting your act together and create a coherent message on your ill-fated Obama-scare Plan. We, the people of the United States, cannot and will not accept anything that smells “fishy” as your current plan does. As a matter of fact, it stinks. In your new plan, please include vouchers for all uninsured citizens. Please increase competition among insurers by eliminating the stupid policy of keeping them from selling across state lines. Please establish tort reform and keep money hungry patients and greedy lawyers from all of those frivolous medical lawsuits. That’s how that crook adulterer John Edwards made all of his millions … by chasing ambulances.

I can go on and on, but I shall stop here. Thus far, I sum up your presidency as being in total disarray and a total failure. You have got to start doing things that are constructive instead of just tearing our country down and getting your overexposed face on television. I always thought that you were eight years too early to become president. The job is too big for you right now … unless you can show that you can take control of all of your out-of-control people like Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Reid, cabinet members (e.g., Holder vs. Panetta feud), umpteen Czars, and other Chicago henchmen who are running open loop. Please get engaged and at least appear like you are leading them instead of vice versa.

If you all don’t straighten up, all incumbents will be voted out of office in 2010, and you will be defeated at the polls in 2012. Please start doing something constructive. I fear the United States will become a third-world country before you are through with us. Please don’t let that happen. I am not going to sit around and watch the demise of the country that I love so much. As the great American Patrick Henry said, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” That is my sentiment entirely. Please shape up, Mr. President! Get engaged!


Bob Uda

P.S. This letter may be distributed to all patriotic, freedom-loving Americans who respect our flag.

P.P.S. I’m already on your political enemies list. So, don’t bother.

AXJ said...

AXJ, as an international civil and political rights organization, with a Chapter in the USA, is very concerned with the recent activities of the new Administration in the US.

AXJ cannot get involved in the details of if Mr. Obama is eligible or not to occupy the Ofice of the President, and act as the Commander in Chief, but will and does publish any true document it receives from anywhere in the world.

Apparently the discontent of the American People with the activities of the present Government are growing.

The American People like any other People in the world, have a right to know all the facts about their Politicians. Apparently this Government is involved in secrecy and the sealing of documents.

The American People do not and will not tolerate this activity any longer.

This Administration is causing great tension between the different branches of Government, and distrust in the People and the Military, and this is not a good thing for this great country.

We hope Mr. Obama, that you decide to release the long form of your Hawaiian Birth Certificate before the Court Hearing on Tuesday morning September 8, 2009 at 08:00 AM.

Do it for the American People you work for.

They are entitled to know the truth. AXJ Chapter in the USA

Brian said...

On the contrary, the vast majority of our nations schools will be beginning their second week of classes on September 8.

Lloyd said...

Those who expect Resolution of the Obama Qualification for President on provision of a Legitimate/True BIRTH CERTIFICATE are going to be highly disappointed, as they have been in the previous THIRTEEN CASES before "Judges". It is time to realize that the Judges are PAID by the GOVERNMENT and in order to remain in Good Standing, the JUDGES DO AS TOLD. The present Administration cares about TRUTH just as much as the Last Administration and we all know what Liars THEY were. Obama played the Game, brought home the Trophy and he who has the Trophy For Power gets to use it any way he wants as History Proves. Cry all you want; it will only waste your Time, Energy and Money. WHEN WILL YOU LEARN? "My people PERISH for lack of Knowledge."

Anonymous said...

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