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خبر اختصاصی:
وضعیت سید علی گدای قاتل بحرانی شده است
در ساعت 11:30 دیشب (نیم ساعت پیش از نیمه شب) یکی از یاران نفوذی ما در نهاد رهبری به دفتر مرکزی جنبش همبستگی دانشجویان ایران گزارش داد که وضعیت فیزیکی و جسمانی "سیدعلی گدا" رهبر دزدان و غارتگران و آدم کشان به وخامت گراییده است.
حدود ساعت 20 دیشب با بحرانی شدن وضع جسمانی او، سه تن از پزشکان معالج وی: دکتر سیدنقی علیمرادی، دکتر حسین آل شمس و پروفسور سید شهاب الدین مراغه ای به بالینش آمدند. با ورود آنان به اطاق خصوصی سیدعلی گدا، از همه اطرافیان و حتا خانواده اش خواسته شد که اطاق را ترک نمایند. دیدار و بررسی وضعیت جسمانی خامنه ای توسط سه پزشک نامبرده بالا بیش از 45 دقیقه بطول انجامید و سپس آنان اطاق را ترک کرده و به خانواده او گفتند که غیر از خودی ها (همسر و فرزندانش) از ورود دیگران حتا برای گزارش مطالب فوری به اطاق سیدعلی گدا خودداری نمایند.
همانگونه که طی روزهای اخیر در چند "روزی نامه" و رسانه ها نیز انتشار یافته بود، سه روز پیش خامنه ای متنی بعنوان وصیت نامه نوشته و انتشار داد که طی آن خواسته است برایش دعا کرده و از خدا طلب آمرزش خطاهایی را بنمایند که او بخاطر نمی آورد مرتکب شده باشد.....!!!!!!
ما به محض دریافت خبری تکمیلی درین زمینه، آن را در همین "پست" امروز یا روزهای آینده انتشار خواهیم داد.

(AntiMullah rough translation)

The health of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the Beggar and Murderer has turned critical as was reported to our Central location at 11:30 last night (near midnight) by one of our influential supporters. It stated that the over all health of the Supreme Ruler Seyed Ali (Khamenei), Thief in Chief, the Plunderer and Killer has become critical.

At around 8 p.m. when his health failed, three of his treating physicians:

Seyed Naghi Alimoradi
Hossein Aal Shams
Professor Seyed Shahabeddin Maraghei

Were summoned to his bedside. On their arrival into his private room, everyone including his family were told to leave the room. After the three physicians examined Khamenei for about 45 minutes and emerged, they instructed that only immediate family members (wife and children) were to enter his room and not even his staff to provide him with reports.

As has been reported in various newsletters and publications, some three days ago Khamenei issued his last will and testament in which he asked people to pray for him and to ask Allah to forgive him his sins, including those which he may have INADVERTENLY committed AND DOES NOT REMEMBER!!!!

We will provide any updates as soon as we receive them.

And a happy song proposed by someone pleased at this news




Na na na na na na...Khamenei, say goodbye

You are the mullah...the big supreme mullah
Beggar and look's is over

You killed the innocent and without mercy
We all will be smiling to watch you rot
Where you are going it's hot

Na na na na...Khamenei, say goodbye
Na na na na na na...Khamenei, say goodbye

Hoping for virgins...but you'll get no virgins
Old Helen Thomas look-a-likes are waiting for you

You will be needing SPF one billion
The streets will be filled with folks ringing bells
Welcome, you scumbag, to hell

Na na na na...Khamenei, say goodbye
Na na na na na na...Khamenei, say goodbye

Na na na na na na...Khamenei, say goodbye

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